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Can you believe that October is about to finish? To all the new subscribers a very warm welcome. I hope you'll enjoy my reader newsletter and find some gems that make your book loving inner geek clap their hands with glee!

With the end of October comes my teens last day of high school and her final exams. Any tips you have for her and ME to survive the next two weeks of exams would be gratefully received. Hit reply and lay them on me.

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Thanks so much for reading. You support means the world to me.  Until next time much love, read strong and get stuff done!

P.S. Don't forget to reply to this email with any tips you have her my teen or me to navigate the next few weeks of her final exams! All academic well wishes also appreciated :) 

A Note from Sarah's Writing Desk

"We're deep into the excitement of Halloween here and my kids have inundated me with pumpkin crafts. Here's them posing in their Halloween costumes.

Also big this week: my new release DRAGON TIDE: TIDES OF CHANGE launches today!"



I have been writing each day. Not as much as I would like though.

Every time I dive back into Mage Trials I'm always surprised by how much I am LOVING the story. You all know how excited I am about the character names - Caelia, Quillian, Crown Prince Nex, Crown Prince Takumi to name a few. And you know I love that CP Takumi is an Imperial Fae Hunter and has a silver dragon called Kizo who glitters more brightly than diamond? 

The story is set in Hidden Realm which is comprised of five  kingdoms. There are four kingdoms on the mainland . They are the kingdoms of Elerith, Xaedor, Tarene and Qiris. 

The fifth kingdom is the Dark Kingdom. 

Separated from the mainland by  the Abyss of Tiure it is home to the Dark Fae and many terrifying magical creature of war.

The Fae were banished from the mainland to the Dark Kingdom by the Royal Quorum after an "incident" hundreds of years ago and have been forbidden from attending  Bellum Magical Combat Academy ever since. Something they are suddenly very feisty about.

How's that sounding to you?


Dad had another surgery two weeks ago. I hasn't gone well and the next month will be challenging with more surgery likely.

We're doing everything we can to keep his spirits high. I'll keep you posted.


One of the very fun things I got to do researching for Mage Trials was read a HEAP of Academy genre books! Tough job but someone has to do it. Here's three of my favourites. I'd call them upper YA as there's some language and smexy times. Certainly nothing too explicit. These are also available in Kindle Unlimited so you can binge them all if that's your thing!

Fallen Academy
Probably my favourite academy read after Harry Potter

This is a four book series and is complete. It is also available to read in Kindle Unlimited. Such a kick butt heroine! Love it. Loved it!

Supernatural Academy
This has just be be optioned for TV

From Australian Author - Jaymin Eve - Currently  two of the three books have released in this series which has just today be optioned for a TV series. Super Cool. Great writing and I love the hair colour each year.  - Yep it's in Kindle Unlimited too!

Academy Magic
Binge Worthy!

Four of Five  books released. The last one is set for release in December. The first book was a little iffy, but I very much enjoyed the series after I got into it.   And you guessed it,  it's in Kindle Unlimited too!


Latest unboxing is up! It's another super popular Young Adult magical themed bookbox. I've been tweaking the format of these unboxings. Let me know how you fins this one! Check it out HERE . Enjoy!


First up my blog finally has a name! 

Things That Make Readers Go Hmm.

What do you think? 

Find out how to discover books on free promotions or deeply discounted HERE! I hope you find some bargains :) 


“Ah coffee. The sweet balm by which we shall accomplish today’s tasks.” —from Ironside by Holly Black

I'll leave you with a look at the divine candle I was using today for writing inspiration :)  

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