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Aw hai!

Friday already! I've spent the week sorting out clutter and reading and working on the pages of my upcoming book ... and thinking about the dream idea of writing a cookbook.

Melbourne, as you may know, is still in lockdown, so that means lots of home-y stuff, cooking, snacking, writing ... and a little bit of outdoorsy time too (within the government guidelines).

Something about lockdown makes me so sleepy a lot of the time, so I've been taking things quietly and hoping that things are better for us all soon.

I hope you are managing okay, whatever your circumstances. Let's look at some interesting stuff!

x pip

PS: If you have any ideas for Friday Night Lights, do email me!!

The Secret Life of Us, The Hollow Crown, The Undoing & The Split Season 2

Everything old is new again and what better way to feel like you're out and about in Melbourne than rewatching The Secret Life of Us and wandering the streets of St Kilda? It's on Amazon Prime (no ads!) or Ten Play (with ads). I'd watch Claudia Karven in anything.

The Hollow Crown is also on Amazon Prime. It's a 2012 production of a bunch of Shakespearean plays and features a stellar cast including David Morrissey, Tom Hiddleston, Michelle Dockery, Benedict Cumberbatch and more. I am loving it!

Perhaps you caught our favourite lass Nicola Walker in The Split? The ABC is about to screen the second season and apparently all the eps will be up on iView on Saturday too.

And lastly ... I am pretty excited about David E Kelly's The Undoing with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman.  Not sure when we will get to see it in Australia, but am thinking it MIGHT pop up on (Just a guess, though!)

Behold the world's biggest Esprit collection

Michelle Koza has collected over 2400 vintage Esprit garments, the largest collection in the world ... kind of by accident! It's amazing and she's sharing some of the pieces on Instagram, too.

You can read the full story here.

I was on the radio last weekend!

I was lucky enough to be on Radio National's Blueprint program with Jonathan Green on Saturday. You can listen to the segment at the link below. It is a really fun one!

Listen to me talk about Harry's cardigan

The housedress is here to rescue 2020

I'm a dress-addict from way, way back and it's nice to see that the people who've been squishing themselves into jeans are now coming over to the frock side too! Read more here.

The 8 secrets to a fairly fulfilled life

I found this via my friend Myf. It's Oliver Burkeman's last column for The Guardian and features such gems as: "When stumped with a life choice choose enlargement over happiness". Read on here.

These are worth a listen, pals! 

Changes with Annie Mac and Sinead Burke

This podcast is wonderful and in this episode Annie speaks to author and activist Sinead Burke about living with a disability. It's brilliant. Listen here.

Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I've been googling about for interviews with Caitlin Moran, so imagine my delight when I found a podcast of her chatting to Sophie Ellis-Bextor! Listen here.

It's going to be cold in Melbourne this weekend ... a good opportunity for a pudding!

Potatoes are my favourite

These look amazing, don't they?! Grab the recipe here.

How about stovetop pizza?

Is this the weekend you try this? I think I'm going to! Recipe.

This heart quilt-along is a goodie and couldn't we all do with a bit of extra love right now? More here.

This jumper is so cute, isn't it?! You can buy the pattern on Etsy. I might be inclined to make mine a little longer, but you might be a croppy type and that is cute too. I'm not sure about the crop. I did it the first time around and am so-so about a rerun. Find the pattern here.

Netflix have remade Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca with Lily James, Keeley Hawes and Kristin Scott Thomas. It's out in October and I am definitely adding it to my watchlist. And possibly to my re-read list!

Excited to get my mitts on ...

The food in this book looks delicious and this is on my wishlist for when I can afford books again! The photography is lovely and I found some recipe sneak peeks here, which convinced me further.

Find out more +

How to Talk About Climate Change in a Way That Makes a Difference. Something many of us could do with some instruction on, methinks. 

Find out more +

A happy playlist for you

Listen now

Some reminders that it's okay to feel wonky (and ideas on what to do about it, if it's worrying you.)

Megan Schmidt

How reading fiction increases empathy.

Samin Nosrat

Gardening made me happier: It will work for you too.

George Scialabba

Tips for the depressed. (These are really helpful).

Carol Bruess

The case for being more gentle. 

Want to win a copy of my latest book When Life Is Not Peachy? 
Email me with 'give-away' in the subject line and tell me why!
I have two books to give away. (Australian entrants only ... sorry!)

Match your couch to your bookshelves! Brilliant. More here.

Splayds, anyone?

They are awesome AND they are on sale! So snazzy and shiny (unlike my op-shopped splayds!)

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