In September we launched our Friends Feature enabling our users to connect with fellow travellers. Over 1900 friendship connections have been made since then and our team is working hard to enhance your user experience.

Today we're thrilled to announce some new updates in this regard :-)

You can now enjoy a 90-day timeline to see your friends' latest travels and special achievements, like visiting World Heritage Sites (WHS), now prominently featured on profiles.

Also, take control of your privacy with customisable settings to manage who sees your journey. Plus, adding or unfriending is now just a click away, giving you flexibility in your social connections.

For a detailed look at all the updates in the friends feature and how they improve your experience on NomadMania, read our article here.

New Interview - Gabor Csonka

Meet Gabor Csonka, often considered the biggest Hungarian traveller in terms of NomadMania regions. Gabor's passion for exploration has taken him to over 146 countries, with a unique journey that began with 12 years of continuous hitchhiking.

This year, we had the pleasure of attending his festival, Jaratlan Utakon and you can read our report on this fascinating event here.

Q: In the Hungarian community, are you considered the biggest traveller?

A: Yes, probably. There might be others who've been to more countries for work, but my journeys have been personal. It's a long road, filled with learning and living in each place until my visa ends. 

For a deeper dive into Gabor's extraordinary life of travel, read the full interview on our blog.

New DARE Additions 

We're adding exciting DARE destinations in the Southern Asia megaregion this week. Our ever-growing list now stands at 1341 places. 

 Nepal - Everest area (including Base Camp)


Here are the DARE spots we've added this week: 

2023 Travel Award Delivered

We're excited to announce that some winners of the NomadMania 2023 Travel Awards have now received their well-deserved trophies. 

Let's celebrate these exceptional individuals once again for their inspiring contributions to the world of travel.

Most Trusted Local Fixer: Fadi Assi 🇸🇾His commitment to reviving tourism in Syria is a testament to his resilience and creates new paths for travellers.

Against All Odds Traveller: Houston Vandergriff 🇺🇸 - His travels with his camera defy barriers and inspire us all to chase our dreams.

NomadMania Biggest Friend: Mikael Staffas 🇸🇪 - His unique blend of a successful career and global exploration motivates others to dream and explore.

Best Travel Book Author: Boris Kester 🇳🇱His book, "The Long Road to Cullaville: Stories of My Travels to Every Country in the World," is an adventure-filled travel thriller that's reached 190 countries.

A hearty congratulations to all our award winners!


Remember, our 2024 Nomadmania Travel Awards will take place at the Extraordinary Travel Fest in Bangkok from November 15-17, 2024.

See the details and get your tickets here.

Upcoming NomadMania Tours 

As we continue to explore the world, here are the latest updates on our upcoming NomadMania tours:

Amphitheatre, Bosra  – Photo by: Steve Newcomer


Syria Tour: Due to popular demand, we've added another departure for our Syria tour. This one starts on June 5th; are still a few spots available, so don't miss your chance to join this extraordinary journey. 

Aland Islands Tour: We're thrilled to announce that the Aland Islands tour is now fully booked! Thank you to everyone who showed interest. We're excited to embark on this adventure with our travellers.

Algeria Tour: We're in the advanced stages of planning an incredible tour of Algeria. Starting on April 27th for 9 days, this takes in aspects of Algeria rarely visited by travellers. While details are still being finalised, we're open to applications. If you're interested in exploring this amazing country with us, contact us here.

Stay tuned for more information and exciting opportunities to travel with NomadMania!

As Seen On...

NomadMania's global community continues to inspire! Recently, CNBC Travel featured Maliha Fairooz, a remarkable member of our community, in their article. 

Read more about Maliha's travels on CNBC Travel and see how she's part of our adventurous NomadMania community.

See all our media mentions on our press page.


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