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Remember the old folktale Jack and the Beanstalk? You probably heard it as a kid. "Fee-fi-foe-fum" and all that? Would you believe that it (along with X-Files) was the inspiration for my futuristic dystopian series?

By the time I finished my version, giants were about the only real connection to the old story. And by giants, I'm only talking about regular people of large stature. (Okay, maybe not regular people.) But I did feature the actual folktale in my story. I fabricated a history for it as well as an ancient version and used it as a clue to the mystery unfolding around my heroine, Jaclyn. (Yup, Jack!)

Actually, Jack and the Beanstalk already has a pretty fascinating history. It was first printed in 1743, but most experts agree the oral story was much older. Some say it could have originated as early as 4500 BC! I don't know about that, but it seems clear that it's old enough to have crossed paths with Shakespeare. Maybe it stole from the Bard. Or maybe Shakespeare plagiarized from Jack. Either way, that "Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman" line appears almost word-for-word in King Lear (1606).

No one's climbing beanstalks in my sci-fi thriller, but it does contain a lot of action, a little romance, and a whole bunch of stay-up-late-reading suspense. In Recompense, past and present intertwine, fusing at the point of revolution. And best of all? It's free!

Before you go, be sure to check out the books and promos featured below. They're always free or bargain priced. I generally bounce between speculative and historical fiction (the main genres I write in), and sometimes some fantasy, middle grade, or a bit of romance, just to keep things interesting. 

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If you've stuck with me this far, I've got an extra this month. I just found out that Laura Frances, author of the dystopian Slave series which I really enjoyed, has a new release. Songs in the Night is the first in a new fantasy series. I just picked up my copy and can't wait to start it tonight. It's priced at 2.99. Feel free to grab a copy.

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A former teacher and longtime homeschooler, MICHELLE ISENHOFF writes for children and adults. Her work has been reader-nominated for a Cybils Award, the Great Michigan Read, and the Maine Student Book Award. Michelle writes from Michigan where she bikes all summer and wears flip-flops all winter.