And then there were ten.

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I did a similar post a while back, with just four sites. Now I've more than doubled it to TEN! How about that? For those down times when you have a bit of freedom and need to read up on what's happening in comics, I give you ten avenues to explore! Shall we begin?

(click either the title or the image to go to the websites)

Big Comic Page

Every big franchise you can think of: Marvel/DC/Star Wars and beyond. It gets its due on this website! Plus interesting articles on the latest toys and games!

Bleeding Cool

An interesting website chock full of new stories. This one's a bit more splashy and relies on 'star power' to attract readers. Most news junkies rely on Bleeding Cool to get the latest.

Broken Frontier

Thought provoking, internationally flavored comic reviews interviews and news. Broken Frontier comes out of the UK and is updated very frequently. This and The Comics Journal are what I regularly read every Sunday.

Comic Frontline

More news and articles. Like Bleeding Cool but without all the ad space. Great topics covered in seven tabs across the top, plus in depth profiles of each of the three main contributors.

Indie Comix

The latest news in Independently made and conceived comics! Filtering out the big franchise stories you get an up close glimpse of all comics that have been made and illustrated by people going their own way!

Loser City

(Funny how self-deprecatory titles work their way into comics) Loser City is a compendium of cultural stuff happening right now and the latest commentary on it. Comics is just one category, but it's done well.

Project Nerd

(Here it is again) Another fairly decent comic book related site. Individually written articles from various contributors, some not from the comics world per sé, like a cop whose career choice was inspired by Stan Lee's type of story telling.

The Beat

See also Bleeding Cool above. Star power heavy. The latest comic news and movie tie-ins.

The Comics Journal

This one started many years ago as a printed magazine. This and Broken Frontier are what I regularly read each week. TCJ has lots of interesting historical articles and interviews. Plus they tend to include a lot of Japanese Manga in their feed.

The Nib

Okay, this one's like skimming through WebToons. No articles, but a lot of colorful and funny one panel gags or one page stories. Worth your time if it's only five minutes or so.

That's it! Have a great weekend!

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