One man's junk...

The Discovery Channel had a number of shows that were all about getting things done, or whether or not to buy something (Pawn Stars). Last week Junkyard Wars got the spotlight. Today's subject, American Restoration, stands out in my mind because I was of a like-mind with the proprietor of the shop, Rick Dale, who always strove to bring back old worn out things to their original working condition, with some upgrades if necessary (like an old jukebox converted to blue tooth).

Not just an old bicycle.

One time somebody brought in an old bicycle, looking like a piece of junk from the 1950s. He had a story about it, it wasn't any old bike, it was a sturdy, everyday purpose built Japanese bicycle for at a time when that was the only way most Japanese people got around. Dave went all out to restore this bike to its original condition. Along with watching him get it back you understood a little about the past and how things were different.

Lots of time he would work on what you'd expect, like an old barber's chair, complete with candy stripe pole. If it had a motor, he would get it to operate or replace it with one that did.

On pins and needles...

One episode had a client who wanted to completely refurbish a rickety old drive-in movie children's rocket ship shaped play structure from the 1960s(!) This thing was a monster, and it took Dave to go out on a limb, hiring a special crane company to hoist the whole three-ton thing upright. It had to slide down into several holes drilled into the ground perfectly!

He had everyone holding a support rope, even the film crew. When it went 'ker-chunk' and fit into the holes everyone breathed a sigh of relief! When they knew this thing was able to be put together they disassembled it for the client's house, where he'd have another set of holes, later on.

Have a great weekend!

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