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Uma Darbha | November Update
Updates with Uma

What have I been up to in November? What have I learned?

Hey there! Welcome to the first issue of my newsletter. Iā€™m Uma Darbha: neuroscience-obsessed, 17-year-old learning how to live her life in the best way possible while making life for others better too! Join me on my journey to track my personal growth, my wisdom, and my coffee addiction (ā˜•ļø = yum)

Research of the Month šŸ§ 

Continuing My Journey into the Brain

This month, I prioritized going deeper into the field of optogenetics and learning about its applications. I set up meetings with some experts, and I got some really valuable information!

picture on left: Professor David Weinshenker from Emory University and I chatting about the Locus Coeruleus and other cool topics

picture on right: Professor Anatol Kreitzer from UCSF and I chatting about the bridge between neuroscience + consciousness, neurodegenerative vs. neuropsychiatric diseases, and systems neuroscience!

Manipulating a Mouse's Memory

Read my article on memory manipulation through optogenetics here, and drop a few claps if you enjoyed it!

Working with a Company
Grind of the Month šŸ“

Working on a Company Challenge

This month, my super cool group and I are working alongside an amazing company (I'll expose who that is next month) to improve their customer experience! 

The grind can be hard, but I love the challenge :)

Doing What Makes Sense
Mindset of the Month šŸ’­

Do Things That Make Sense

I recently realized how much time I spend doing things that honestly don't matter to me. I started to take prioritizing way more seriously, and now I'm able to get unimportant stuff out of the way and get to what I love doing like writing articles, learning about the brain, and spending time with family <3 

picture: yes. my family got matching Christmas pajamas.

Final Points

What's Next šŸ¹

Throughout the next month, I'll be exploring not only optogenetics but other neurotech systems and working on some super cool projects!

I'll also be publishing more content on self-improvement and becoming the best version of yourself.

See you next month!

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