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This is love, gathered 'round
the kitchen table

Visitors to the Faba home may be surprised by the size and shape of the kitchen table. Where others might have a couch that faces a television, this family of 11 has a round table that spans 72 inches in diameter. This is where the family gathers for evening meals and in a month where the secular world pays lip service to messages about love, this family works to live it... 

Now parenting nine children ages 27 to seven, Kari and Phil talk about how they manage, as parents, to keep a love for Christ at their family table.

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True love defined

Bishop McGrattan teaches on the experience of loving and being loved at the level of our souls to find human fulfillment. God desires that we enjoy the passion of love. Read more.

New centre for young adults

With loving concern and care our shepherd, Bishop McGrattan has seen that this new wine needs a new wine skin,” said Fr. Cristino Bouvette, referring to the young adults who will access St. Francis Xavier Chaplaincy Centre. Read more.

Warm Bodies

Sr. Helena Burns reviews this zombie-romantic-comedy and relates it to Theology of the Body. In the movie love is pushed to its limits to showcase that male/female love is THE crux, THE matrix which brings love and life into the world. Read more.

Fatal Flaws

Dave Krebes gives us his view on the popular and timely film by Canadian broadcaster Kevin Dunn, who looks at selected cases of medically assisted death in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States, and Canada. Read more.

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A Blessing for Married Couples

Feb. 9
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Transitions for Newly Divorced

Begins Feb 20
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Film Screening: Over 18

Feb 18
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Coldest Night of the Year

Feb 23
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Share stories of your faith in action within your parishes, community, lay associations or at work. Send your photos and write-ups to by the 15th of each month. 

The opinion articles below are contributed by people from within the Diocese and represent their own views.

The passion of loving - in sickness and in health

Laura Tysowski pays homage to her late role model and Calgarian author of The Passion of Loving, Micheline Paré. In her letter Laura shares what she learned from the book and what she wished she told Micheline before her death. Read More.

Retirement home sweet home

Phyllis and Clem Steffler were seeking greater ease in their lives, without the worry of maintaining a home and cooking their own meals. When they walked into Evanston Summit they knew, they were home. “Phyllis was ready to move in the next day,” laughs Clem. Read more.

My first World Youth Day

Ryan Factura talks about his first experience of World Youth Day and the message he got from Bishop Baron, “Do not be afraid….He [Jesus] will bring you to the deep.” Read more.

Love for the refugees

“We don’t know what they need, but we know they need us. It’s about love and how do we live our fidelity to our faith.”  Sr. Ger Curran and the FCJ Faith in Action's team are now helping Yazidi refugees in Calgary. Read more.

Working in the Diocese of Calgary

There are various employment opportunities within the Diocese of Calgary. Find a role that meets your skillset and interests. For a full listing, visit

Work Opportunities
Asia Bibi is free and to live in Canada

After spending 8 years on death row for being convicted of blasphemy, this Pakistani Catholic has been acquitted of all charges and is coming to Canada where she will join her family.

Historic declaration for world peace

Pope Francis and Ahmed el-Tayeb just signed a historic declaration of peace, freedom and women's rights. In the document, the two leaders issue a strong condemnation of terrorism and violence: “God does not want his name to be used to terrorize people”. 

The new US legislation on abortion "is evil, pure and simple."

A law recently passed in New York not only legalizes abortion essentially for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy. USCCB has issued the following statement in response to several states moving forward with it.

Ending the stigma around mental illness

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education: "We're actively working to end the stigma around mental illness for the well-being of our students, staff and community! Check out how Monsignor McCoy High School joined the conversation!"

Downloadable Liturgical Calendar

Bookmark this link, and download the monthly liturgical calendar, which features all feasts in our liturgical year. 

Novena prayer for seeking a spouse

For those called to the vocation of marriage, God is ready to lead you to someone who will be an aid to your sanctification. 

The 5 languages of love - a summary

Do you know what your love language is, or that of your significant other or of your children?  

World Day of the Sick Prayer

Pray for all persons who are sick and suffering, may God enrich them with gifts of faith, hope and love. Download prayer.

Sr. Marie Therese talks about two great and holy women, St. Hildegard of Bingen and Blessed Chiara Luce Badano, who through their witness have helped her discover what it means to be beautiful in today's world.

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