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The purchasing sun is setting on a favorite Sweet2Heat romance trope box set: the Marriage of Convenience.

Of course, if you download the book in your Kindle Unlimited library, you don’t have to worry. It will remain there until you’re done reading. It won’t disappear, but the very last day to BUY or DOWNLOAD is is October 28.

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FINALLY….the last stop on our RV itinerary: Capitol Reef National Park.

The drive from our RV Park outside of Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef was a long and winding road called Scenic Byway 12. It passes through Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which is gorgeous, but massive and tough to photograph. So, we took a selfie.

As we neared the town of Boulder, the terrain changed as we wound through colorful canyons.

We stopped at the Anasazi State Park to learn more about the ancient people who inhabited this land and we were surprised to see the partially excavated ruins of the largest Ancestral Puebloan community found west of the Colorado River. It was a very worthy stop. Plus, Colleen and I both bought cool magnets.

The drive to the Capitol Reef NP takes you across a 9,600’ elevation land bridge that might make anyone with a fear of heights a little nervous. The views are worth the anxiety, but not something I could do justice with my phone’s camera.

But it was a relief to get to the park. The visitor center was the smallest—and therefore the most crowded—of any parks we visited. It didn’t help that some of the tourists paid no attention to the signs and hopped fences for that ever-so-perfect selfie that would have been even better if they’d walked twenty feet around the fence. Grrr.

Happily, once we left the parking lot, we were immediately immersed in the red rock formations of what is called the Waterpocket Fold. We had our picnic lunch in Fruta, a historic district that includes a schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, museum and public orchards. Sadly, we’d missed our chance to pick fruit, but we enjoyed a stroll along the stream and the lush green that seemed out of place beside the red rock walls. 

The next morning we started for home…with a brief goodbye to the Hoodoos.

The drive home was fast and relatively uneventful except for the sticker shock when we bought gas in California. Sigh. Still, it’s good to be home…briefly.

Today, Paul and I are making our first flight since Covid. Destination: Destin, Florida.

I know it’s late, but I would be remiss if I didn’t do my part to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. This is one of those diseases that seems to touch every family. Your mother-in-law. Your niece. Several very dear friends. Okay, those are the people in my life who have faced down this despicable enemy. My wonderful mother-in-law lost her fight. Happily, my niece and my friends are Breast Cancer Survivors. And so is Mia, my heroine in MONTANA DARLING.

I finished reading this story the other night and I was so happy and proud of Mia and Ryker. They may be two of my favorite characters, but please don’t tell the others I said that.😉

Happy reading,


Coming Next:

11/9: A free book! And…surprise…travel pics.



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