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A Demonstration of germs

This experiment requires materials you probably already have at home.  Grab several ziplock baggies, several slices of bread and a sharpie or other writing utensil for labeling.  Place one slice of bread directly into a baggie and label it as the "Fresh and Untouched" slice.  Tape this to your wall or set it in a safe place on a shelf or table.  Next, grab a slice of bread and rub your unwashed hands on the bread. If there are other people in the house, pass the bread around to everyone, then place it in a bag, seal it and label "Dirty Hands".  Place this with the other bag.  On a third slice of bread rub the bread on any phones, tablets or remote controls before placing it in your bag and label it as "Technology".  Leave these in a safe place in your house where you can observe the changes each day.  Record your observations each day in a notebook.  (Click on the image at the top to see the resources one teacher used for this experiment.)

Discovery of Viruses

Here is a short video about the discovery of viruses found on TumbleBooks.  Battle Rock has a subscription to this website the Username is BattleRock and the Password is Reads.  Search "sickness" to see this 3.5 minute video on viruses.


Can you make a model of a germ?  How many different types can you build and identify?  Take a picture of your germs with labels and send the image to Mrs. Tegan.  Your germ image may be featured in an upcoming virtual classroom. Material suggestions could include:

  • Playdough
  • Saltdough
  • Legos
  • Yarn pom poms
  • Tinkertoys

We can't wait to see what you come up with!


  • Create a thank you card for a nurse in our community who is working hard to keep people safe!
  • Look for more information about Florence Nightingale and write a report telling about her contributions to science and our healthcare system.
  • Write a first person story written from Florence Nightingale's perspective.  
  • Florence Nightingale used graphs to show improvement in the healthcare system.  If you have a printer at home, print out one of these worksheets to practice your data skills.
  • K-2 Students, Sit outside and collect the data of how many birds, bugs, or mammals you observe in a 10 minute time period.  Show this information using a bar graph.  

Brain Pop Video on the Coronavirus

Hand sanitizer recipe

What you’ll need:

  • 3/4 cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent)
  • 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel (to help keep your hands smooth and to counteract the harshness of alcohol)
  • 10 drops of essential oil, such as lavender oil, thieves, tea tree oil or peppermint.


  • Pour all ingredients into a bowl, ideally one with a pouring spout like a glass measuring container.
  • Mix with a spoon and then beat with a whisk to turn the sanitizer into a gel.
  • Pour the ingredients into an empty bottle for easy use, and label it “hand sanitizer.”

Using this hand sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of germs after 60 seconds.

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