I hope you're having a great week! I'm back on track, finishing Fertility Doctors today and making travel plans.

This is a quick flash to let you know the book is about to release, and to share this new anthology. I noticed it because Amanda Heartley is part of it. 

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Wanted: 20 Bad Boys for 99c

We're due for a hot read from Amanda Heartley, one of the High-heat Book Club's all-time most popular authors. 

She's part of this wild anthology featuring never-before published bad boy outlaw stories. These are the ones who cause tingles...and more. 

We can feel virtuous and naughty at the same time, the proceeds from Wanted go to charity.

"100% of the money from these books goes to St Jude! Twenty hot and steamy MC books, strong women and hot biker boys! Emotional, funny, hot and steamy, suspenseful, and lots of heart!" —Barnes & Noble reader

Tap the cover to grab yours on Amazon, or get it on one of these bookstores:

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Dirty Dozen 99c

In case you missed my new bundle. 

Dirty Hot features detailed fantasies of alphas and doms winning over virgin heroines, often by giving them pleasures they secretly desire—from the right hot as hell man.
These heroines, most of them curvy and spirited, get soft landings. Big muscular men can be so rough and tough—and tender—when they take the woman they have to have.

Some of these stories were in Seduced for Keeps or other box sets. My most recent MFM menage novella, Storm Team, hasn't appeared in any other collection. 
Dirty Hot on Amazon US

For other stores, please search by author name, or use the book # in the search field on Amazon:  B07MP8DFDB

Fertility Doctors

What if a billionaire doctor made it safe for you to have everything you want? 

This is a fast-burn MFMM Menage with all the attention on the curvy heroine. 
Excerpt from the first chapter

I could do this. I would do this.
My steps quickened with my determination. All I needed was one key ingredient.
My happy thoughts of making a baby scattered at the sight of three stunning strangers taking up a sidewalk table at my favorite cafe. They basked in the golden light, all of them model-handsome, muscular, and exuding the intoxicating confidence of successful professional men. It didn’t hurt that they were beautifully groomed and dressed in crisp white shirts with tailored European suits. I glimpsed shoes that looked as though they’d been handmade in Italy.
All of them were conversing, their lively eyes connected with each other, instead of staring like zombies at their phones.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of these treats. What were these men doing in Quadrangle? I slowed down and fixed my gaze straight ahead, eying them from the corner of my eye, attempting to be casual. I hoped they hadn’t caught me staring.
The tallest, most exquisite one, the one with the profile of a pharaoh and the shoulders of a boxer, glanced up at me. His eyes stayed on mine.
“Good morning. Here.” He stood and offered me a flier. He gave me a crooked grin and waved his hand in an unfinished gesture, as though surprised at what he was doing.
I usually waved such things away, why kill trees for more stuff that no one needs? But his handsome face locked my eyes and my hand went out for the sheet of paper.
I glanced at it and noticed the recycled content symbol at the bottom. My mouth quirked. Life liked to remind me not to judge. Then the main words hit me and I blinked.
Fertility Clinic
I read it, swallowed, looked up at him.
“I’m Barry Reynolds.” He offered me his big hand. “Dr. Reynolds. You can call me Barry.” His eyes were a stunning brown and green at the same time, and he had the most luscious lips I’d ever seen on a man.

I'll let you know as soon as Fertility Doctors is live!

Have a wonderful week. One step toward what you want can change everything. 


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