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December 2020 Newsletter

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Since November represented the joy of Thanksgiving and the trepidations of COVID, I am featuring articles on both.

Featured Article
Thankful for Things Often Forgotten

“What are you thankful for?” Particularly in this age of COVID, one answer from many people who have thus far escaped the virus would likely be, “my health.” We all strive to be healthy and to live long lives, but health is more on our minds in these times.

But as the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday approaches, what are other things we might be thankful for? Most often, the list will include family, spouse, friends, or a good job. These are all important. But in this article, I am exploring some of those things we, as Americans, often take for granted - things we should be thankful for.

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Featured Article
Post-COVID America - a Brave New World

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 wreaked havoc on the world. The immediate human cost is staggering: nearly 50 million people becoming sick and almost 1.25 million deaths.

Millions are out of work, and the economic damage has been staggering. But we know from past pandemics that COVID-19 will eventually subside. It may be with us for years or even decades, but medical knowledge will surely reduce the virus's impact, at least from a health standpoint.

But unlike the world following pandemics of the past, the post-COVID-19 world promises to be vastly different from the world of 2019.

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My Suggested Reads for this Month

I enjoy reading articles on other people's blog posts. I get inspiration from some of them. Others are simply posts that I have enjoyed reading.

I'm happy to share those with you.

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Here are some of the articles I have planned for the coming month.
What's Coming in December?
  • The Benefits of Solitude
  • Keys to Leading an Interesting Life
  • The News - Anxiety Delivered Daily
  • Woodworking - The Hobby of the Ages
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About Mike

I have long been an observer of the world around me - the actions of people and their impacts on others. I also enjoy the study of history. So it's only natural that I would take an interest in writing about how history and people have impacted today's world.

I hope you enjoy my commentary. Feel free to comment on any post.

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