August 2018

The Station Master`s Report


Welcome to the eighth Footbridge Editorial of 2018.

Where does the time go ??

It is now almost the end of September and you have not yet received a News Letter ! This month, I am handing the Station Master's Report over to Gary, as I have been roaming the country with my new position of employment. Now, get on with it Gary...

Ok, so where do I start ??

This being the first Station Master's Report I have written forces me to think about what has been currently happening on the forum and in our hobby as a whole. First up, let me explain why I have not delivered the News Letter to you any earlier. As I had eluded to above, our 'Glorious Leader' has not had the time to write up a Station Master's Report, on to which I take snippets from to produce the other 99% (haha !) Toto has been traveling the length and breadth of his homeland with his new employment, leaving him very little time for his own ramblings that appear right here, let alone any modelling. I would like to congratulate Toto on finding a satisfying job (?) and also thank him for allowing me to put fingers to the key board and write this... umm, maybe not ??

With Toto being away from home, I believe his layout 'Luib Bridge' has taken a back seat role for a short time, as the allocated time for modelling has drastically been reduced and or limited. Could you imagine what is waiting for him when he gets home at the end of the week, knowing there is an upcoming exhibition due very soon, let alone me asking for a Station Master's Report ! Hang in there mate, I'm sure Lulu is missing you too !!

This brings me to the subject of time and modelling... It is not uncommon for us modellers to 'hit a brick wall' with our modelling endeavours. I myself had hit that wall, due to the fact that my eyes were bigger than my abilities and that I had pretty much burnt myself out with all the exhibitions I had catered to. Some of you guys and girls have hit that same wall in the past and some will hit the wall in the future, It is inevitable. Please don't allow me to scare you off just yet ! Speaking with Toto recently, he has hit a similar wall.

So, what do you do ? Do you push on regardless ? Do you force yourself or do you just stop ?? I had started a thread recently on this particular subject as it is familiar to all of us at one stage. With the support of those around you and right here on the forum, we can help each other out with advice, to help dig yourself out of that big hole. My own advice, courtesy of others, is to stop, get out, look around, do something totally different. This will slowly but surely bring you back, although in small portions to the hobby we love. We just need to remember that this hobby is for life and there is no need to rush at it. By diving headfirst into it, we guarantee ourselves to make mistakes, the common mistakes, the ones we learnt not to make ! So, take a break, get away and take some deep breathes and slowly reacquaint yourself with what seemed like a distant friend. I pulled through and so can you. But please remember, the layout isn't going anywhere as it will be there for your return...

On a different note, I would like to welcome our new members that have joined us over the last few weeks. There has been a steady increase of members, approximately a dozen new memberships. You guys know who you are. Welcome aboard, don't be shy, get stuck in with any topic and start your own threads.

Now, with the current interest of new members signing their lives away (haha), we have had a few issues with some. Some people who wish to become members have had 'flags' raised around them, reporting them to be spammers. Necessary steps are taken to revoke their membership before any damage is done. It is hard to determine the intent of these people, but we don't want to jeopardise the forum or associated links with one swipe of a key on our key boards. If any of our members have had the alarm bell ring, we apoligise for the inconvenience as we wish to keep this forum rolling along, making it a safe place for all members. We have come a long way in the past three years. We want you to enjoy the forum and continue to do so in the future.

Now to modelling... 

Gormo has produced another cracker of 'Gormo's Shed' this month. Scratch building 2 Aspect Colour Light Signals is this weeks topic. If you have not seen it yet, I urge you to take a look. It may even save you some valuable dollars/pounds. I personally know that this episode of Gormo's Shed has been shared across other forums, notably a few facebook modelling forums. Good one Gormo !

Paul_l has been pushing ahead with 'Toto's Traverser'. This great thread has encouraged other members to have a go at building one. Paul makes it look so easy, not to forget that Paul has the available tools to make bespoke items. 

As you are aware, our Competitions have kicked off and yes, we have quite a few contestants. If you have not included yourself (me included), I would recommend reading the criteria and getting involved and having a go. You got to be in it to win it and there are some great prizes being touted by our Sponsors !

On the O gauge front, Steve Beattie has been busy with his new kit, the Class 26/27. Why Class 26/27 and not one of each ? Well you can read about it in his thread. This model has started as a concept and is slowly moving forward to the kit stage as we read this. I'm sure Steve will elude to the availability in time...

Now from the LARGE to the small... Scottystich has been in the development stage of his N gauge layout 'Glasgow North'. This will be a large layout, regardless of scale with plenty of operating potential. I could not imagine how much space would be required for this in O or G scale ! Keep up the great work and keep us posted on updates.

Our keen 'out and about' photographer from the South West (Devon/Cornwall) has been at it again. Bittern has been out trainspotting and capturing some great images of steam and diesel in the South west. 

Andy Sollis has also been out and about, this time playing with the 12 inches to the foot models !

I myself have been out riding along with 'Grandma' and 'Chumster'. No, not family members but large historic locomotives of the NSWGR, days gone before us.

So what has the last three paragraphs got to do with modelling I hear you ask ? Simple answer... If you have hit that wall I wrote about above, I would urge you to get out into the real world and expose yourself to what is there. Don't stay cooped up in the modelling room, get out and enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the activities that await you. These activities will rekindle that imagination and reignite the passion we have for our hobby, our modelling. Do yourself a favour. I did and I feel much better for it..!

Cheers, Gary.



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