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EAA doctoral students Carla Castiajo and Elnara Taidre awarded 1st and 2nd prize at the Estonian National Contest for University Students

The Estonian Academy of Arts yielded great results at the competition by winning first and second prize for doctoral dissertations in the field of Culture and Society.

Remarkably, first prize was awarded to Carla Castiajo’s dissertation Purity or Promiscuity? Exploring Hair as a Raw Material in Jewellery and Art, which was the first artistic thesis to achieve such recognition. According to EAA Vice Rector for Research Urve Sinijärv, the prize awarded to Carla Castiajo is significant recognition of artistic research attesting to how art can contribute to science.

Second place in the same category was awarded to EAA doctoral student Elnara Taidre for her thesis Model, Metaphor, Play. The Total Mythological Work of Art in the Context of Paradigm Shift in the 20th Century.


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Winners of the Estonian Architecture Awards 2017 announced

Toomas Tammis (former Dean and current Professor at the EAA Faculty of Architecture), who was recognised for his activities in the field of architecture by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia: 

“Through his work as Dean at the EAA Faculty of Architecture, he instilled in young architects the knowledge that every building, every facility, every planning must make SPACE better. Better-quality SPACE impacts on all of us,” said the committee.

In addition, Tammis was awarded the prize from both the Cultural Endowment and the Estonian Landscape Architects Union in the category of public space for the Roosi Street reconstruction project in Tartu.

Recognition also went to the compilers of an elective subject and teacher’s book on architecture for upper secondary schools: EAA teaching staff members Kadri Klementi, Kaire Nõmm, and Professors Toomas Tammis and Hannes Praks (Head of the EAA Department of Interior Architecture) in collaboration with the Estonian Centre of Architecture.

The Vello Asi student award presented jointly by the Estonian Association of Interior Architects and the EAA Department of Interior Architecture was awarded to Elin-Harriet Helemäe, EAA bachelor’s student in interior architecture. 

Landscape Architecture Deed of the Year 2017 was awarded to the Who Creates the City? architectural exhibition. The originators of the exhibition include Pille Epner (Research and Development Coordinator at the EAA Faculty of Architecture) and Kaja Pae (Junior Researcher at the University of Tartu and teaching staff member at the EAA Faculty of Architecture), and designer Paco Ulman (teaching staff member at the EAA Faculty of Design).

In an online vote, Lasnaviljamägi, a project by EAA interior architecture students, initiated by Andrea Tamm and Ann Press, was chosen as the people’s favourite in the Architecture Endowment’s trans-disciplinary category. Altogether, 3,509 people participated in the online vote, including 2,111 in the category of interior architecture!

Good job! All the award recipients, including a countless number of EAA graduates, are listed here:

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The fourth round of STARTERcreative has finished with both EAA teams getting awards

Interior architecture master’s student Olga Vertjajeva’s team, Full Grain, is working on creating a recycling platform for production waste. While completing the programme, they were invited to join the Digix start-up incubator, and at the final competition they won the opportunity to participate in the Loov Eesti Pesa product development programme.

Karin Vincente, doctoral student of art history and visual culture, leads a team that offers educational entertainment at various events. At the final competition, they won two prizes: entry into the Digix incubator and user support to prepare a crowdfunding campaign with Fundwise.

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Alustame koostööd Rahvusraamatukoguga

EAA Vice Rector for Research Urve Sinijärv and Director General of the National Library of Estonia Janne Andresoo concluded a cooperation agreement. The following collaboration fields are included in the agreement: research and teaching, restoring publications, buying publications in the field of art, organising trainings and exhibitions.

The National Library invites all EAA members to use their workspaces, meeting rooms and video rooms that are free of charge for all registered library users.

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Nominees of the EAA Artistic Activity Awards announced

The three main creative fields in the Estonian Academy of Arts have selected the nominees for the annual Artistic Activity Awards. The annual Artistic Activity Awards were established in 2015 and are presented to teaching staff members of faculties specialised in the artistic field, i.e., Faculties of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts.

The winners of the Artistic Activity Award will be chosen by a jury consisting of the following members: Rector Mart Kalm, representatives of four faculties: Assistant Professor at the Department of Painting Kristi Kongi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Interior Architecture Edina Dufala-Pärn, Professor at the Department of Leather Art Lennart Mänd and Junior Researcher at the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture Karin Vicente. The winners will receive a 2,000 euro travel grant to an art capital of their choice form the Rector’s fund, and they will be announced at the EAA’s Christmas party at the Von Krahl Theatre on 14 December.

The list of nominees is available here

Roman Tavasti stipendiumi pälvis Anneli Oppar

The Roman Tavast Subfoundation of the Estonian National Culture Foundation chose Anneli Oppar, master’s student at the Estonian Academy of Arts, as the winner of their 2017 scholarship for her 3D-printed series of steel earrings entitled Low Tide.

In addition to the winner, the works presented by Erki-Eric Pillmann, second year EAA jewellery and blacksmithing student, and Jens A. Clausen, workshop master in goldsmithing, also received honourable mentions.

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Valminud on Birgit Saviauk-i päikese toimel värvi muutev kudum

Birgit Saviauk, graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts master’s programme, has launched her first series of innovative knitwear.

In the framework of Baltika Group’s programme for spotting and developing new talent, the limited edition collection will be sold in the group’s Moetänav flagship store and online at


Loe veel


Open lecture: Artem Kitaev’s lecture Cosmos/Chaos at Kanuti Gildi SAAL on 14 December

This semester’s lecture series will end with a talk by Artem Kiraev, an architect born in Moscow, but currently based in Basel.

He will be take the stage at Kanuti Gildi SAAL on 14 December at 18:00.

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Master’s studies at EAA – life after bachelor’s studies and what makes EAA master’s studies special?

The seminar will be led by the Head of General Theoretical Studies Maarin Ektermann and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Anne Pikkov; further contributors include Associate Professor at the Faculty of Design Merike Rehepapp, Professor Lennart Mänd and representatives of Rundum and the Neanderthal Cave School.

The seminar will take place on 11 January 2018 at 15:00-18:00 in room S-103, Suur-Kloostri 11.

It’s still possible to sign up!

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Johannes Säre’s personal exhibition in Hobusepea Gallery

In this show, the trickster-like Johannes Säre, graduate of the EAA Department of Photography, celebrates in his witty manner everyday situations where people have begun something but left it undone. The exhibition will remain on view until 18 December.

The exhibition was made in cooperation with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. Curated by Siim Preiman.

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Noëmi Merca "Pinky-Swear/ Käsi südamel" EKA galeriis

Noëmi Merca (b. 1991 in France) lives and works in Paris. She devised the Diesel Project Space ( together with Xavier Mary.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 January 2018.

Sten Eltermaa’s exhibition Brussels Prelude: The Liminal Zone

Brussels Prelude: The Liminal Zone, an exhibition by Sten Eltermaa, a master’s student at the EAA Department of Installation and Sculpture, brings to the fore the lines of authority and contradictory nature of the Brussels European Quarter, which hosts most of the EU government buildings. The exhibition will remain on view until 17 December.

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The artist couple Varvara & Mar are opening two personal shows in Spain

The artist couple Varvara & Mar are opening two personal shows in Barcelona and the neighbouring region. The Data Soup exhibition opens at the ArtDealProject gallery in Barcelona on 12 December and will remain on view until 30 January 2018.

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Jekaterina Makatrovskaja won an award at the Victoria Design Awards 2017 in Russia

Jekaterina Makatrovskaja won a graphic design award at the exhibition to mark the end of the design year in Nizhny Novgorod.


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