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Hey there,

I've finished another book, that means another book summary. Have fun!



Book Notes - Make Time

"Make Time" is about a framework that helps to generate time for the things that matter most to us. By picking a highlight each day, we can be intentional with our attention and feel more productive and satisfied at the end of the day.

I went through this book in no time, it's very actionable and easy to read. I can really recommend it to any knowledge worker.

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And here are this week's links to other interesting topics I found:

    • test && commit || revert - not new, but worth to try out. Kent Beck's alternative to TDD. I'm not convinced, but I haven't tried it. And it looks like it would force you to do babysteps, which is good in software development.
    • Override Spring Boot Configuration Properties for Tests - various different ways of overriding configuration properties in Spring Boot integration tests.
    • The Micoservices Fallacy - The first article in a series about false reasons to do microservices. A very good resource if you're about to make a decision.

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