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Newsletter No 3 (June 2020)
Latest updates from Nendre

Dear friends and partners,

The summer is here, the quarantine is over and the life is slowly coming back to normal. For two months, from mid-March to mid-May, Nendre had been physically closed, but the activities for children continued online. To keep the kids busy while staying indoors, the families were provided with coloring books, drawing papers and table games. Since many parents have been temporarily laid off and experienced income cuts, support with food products from the Food bank was available throughout the quarantine, which has been much appreciated.

Welcoming the kids back to the kindergarten and the day center has been a great joy – gradually more and more kids are coming back and Nendre will be offering fun activities and discoveries for children during the whole summer. In August, a traditional summer camp is planned in a summer house in the village of Akmeniskes – this time, we are going to spend two weeks there and β€žchargeβ€œ ourselves with fresh air, nature and physical activity in order to be prepared for any challenges the autumn might bring.

On behalf of the whole Nendre community, we wish you a pleasant and sunny summer and invite everyone to follow our FB page for continuous updates on our daily activities. Stay well and happy!

Director of Nendre Edita Koliataite

Hightlights from our daily life
Building respect for nature and environment

Nendre has always aimed at facilitating the children's relationship with nature and the surrounding environment and building respect for living creatures. We are privileged to have a greenhouse donated by DHL Express Lietuva, which enables the kids to get involved in gardening and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Children are also excited about the opportunity to bring their pets to Nendre and enjoy telling about their habits and skills. The life of bugs and snails is equally interesting - Nendre has even its own bug terrarium currently inhabited by cockroaches!

Learning through experimenting

Children at Nendre love experimenting, testing and observing - and all of them would agree that science is fun! Watching  the water travel down the string, turning ordinary milk into a rainbow, comparing the features of acids and bases, or trying to describe the smell of blackcurrant leaves are just some of the examples of experimental learning activities that help the kids to discover and understand the world around them.

Exploring the city during summer holidays

Sometimes its nice to change the environment and explore what the city has to offer - older children often take walks in town and get to enjoy both outdoor showers, street libraries and picnics in the park

Educational activities for adults

In the beginning of March, a workshop for parents and educators was held at Nendre on the topic of the impact of gender stereotypes on the development of children. The training was organized in cooperation with the Center for Gender Equality Advancement in the framework of the project PARENT, which aims at engaging men in co-responsible parenting and caregiving and at prevention of domestic and intra-family gender-based violence. Due to the quarantine, the series of workshops could not continue, but Nendre has been involved in an awareness-raising campaign and posting information leaflets on Facebook covering such topics as recognizing and managing emotions, the connection between men's involvement in the parental role and partner relationship quality, the effects of building a strong bond between fathers and children and much more.

Happpy Summer!
Non-governmental kindergarten NENDRE

Giedraiciu 16A-6, Vilnius

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