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Introducing, Story 4, Doctor Who Infinity
The Silent Streets of Barry Island

Coming next to Doctor Who Infinity, we bring you Jacqueline Rayner's The Silent Streets of Barry Island, featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and a new character to Doctor Who canon, Ted (and his cat), voiced by the wonderful British actor, Steffan Rhodri.

Something sinister lurks in the streets of Barry Island in this 1960s mods/rockers era love story. 

Drawn by Emma Vieceli, colored by Kris Carter and Dylan Teague.

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Missy to be playable in Doctor Who: Legacy
Doctor Who: Legacy fans get a treat!

Doctor Who Infinity launch story The Dalek Invasion of Time, a canon story now in the Doctor Who universe, has given us a reason to let you add Missy to your TARDIS collection of playable allies!

Coming this month to a challenge level, you'll be able to collect her - and our Facebook followers helped design her attributes:


Black primary / Blue secondary

Ability Name: Say Something Nice

Ability: Poison target enemies for 5 turns. 6% of max HP per turn.

Race: Time Lord

Origin: Gallifrey

First Episode: Deep Breath

Notable Associates: The Twelfth Doctor, the Cybermen, Clara, Bill Potts, Nardole, Osgood, Seb

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Doctor Who Infinity: Story 5
The Horror of Flat Holm

The fifth story in Doctor Who Infinity is underway for release this Autumn and features the Fourth Doctor, Captain Mike Yates, Osgood, and Kate Stewart in a story told in two time periods on the island of Flat Holm in Wales.

Featuring the voices of Ingrid Oliver, Richard Franklin, and Nick Briggs, written by Mike Collins, drawn by Patrick Goddard, colored by John-Paul Bove.

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