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October creeps closer and closer, and although it doesn't really feel much like it just yet in Portugal, the hot days will soon feel less hot, and the lighter evenings will noticeably be drawing in, the promise of Autumn whispers on the air around us. If you are still looking for your dream property, or are yet to make your move, there is a chance the country you are in has already started to show signs of the cooler months approaching. Autumn is a great time for reflection, a time to slow down, take stock and dream away. It is also a great time to fit in any of the goals you haven't yet accomplished since promising them to yourself at the beginning of 2019 when the whole year stretched endlessly out ahead, that also means there is still time to find your dream home before 2020 arrives!! We are been adding amazing properties daily which are in all price brackets and located all over Portugal, so keep a look out!

This month we share featured properties and services from our directory and a blog about Halloween in Portugal so you can get an idea of what is to come if you haven't yet been in Portugal for October.


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DMM329: Quinta Da Candosa

4 bedroom house & retreat centre, annex, round houses, 1ha land, stream and swimming area.

Arganil, Coimbra
349,000 euros
Casa da Fontainho

3 bedroom granite lodge in the heart of the Peneda Gerês National Park. Set in the Cabril river, surrounded by majestic mountains.

Montalegre, Vila Real
325 euros / week
Featured Service

When it comes to buying or selling houses, TJ Property Services know what is right and what is wrong!


Lean about this great project supporting environmental work & the honey bee in Portugal.


Fine out what Halloween in Portugal is all about, how it is celebrated and why.


It's not all DIY and growing your own. See who can help with your wellbeing in our services directory.

Constellation Work

Opportunity for two issue holders to bring a challenge to a day of constellation work.

Olive & Oak

Commission furniture pieces and all other aspects of carpentry and joinery .

Facebook Group

Come and join in discussion, with over 20,000 members and a wealth of information!

50 euros From Us!

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Global Reach

Currency experts helping you get the most for your money with fee-free currency transfers.

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