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Special Edition

Pagan Moontide of Aphrodite 10, Anno Domini 2020

There is little question that we are living in strange times. But it is an utter gift to know that as much as this world is in chaos, the Lord Jesus never budges an inch on his reign of grace and salvation. 

That’s why I am so personally thankful for the regular “private mass” services of Word and Sacrament that we have been able to continue for my own congregation in Rockford. We have been diligent in guarding the health of everyone who participated, while simultaneously encouraging stability and hope in the Feast of Victory for our Lord, regardless of the Shadow’s work to plague us.

This is a memory that faith will not let quickly fade.

Whatever your circumstances, I am certain that it is all the more true for you today, however you may be able to commemorate the atoning death of our King. 

I have promised my church that the our first Sunday back together, when the all-clear is given, will resound with Easter observations to remind us yet again that while our times are always changing and dying, our Lord and his religion are, indeed, very much alive.

Meridith, I and the children are doing well. In fact, in all this madness, after two years of renting in Rockford, we are under contract for a house. Please rejoice and pray for this, as our closing is as uncertain as everything else these days….except the reign of Jesus, of course. 

I know we'll miss many familiar hymns and readings over the 2020 Holy Week, but you don’t have to miss Good Friday Tenebrae entirely. You can join me and my family for a livestream service of singing and meditation tonight (April 10th) at sundown (a little after 7 CDT) at

Until next time, 

Rev Fisk

Check out the awesome work of Chloe Fisk, “It Happened One Holy Week" on Rev Fisk’s YouTube channel, summarizing the daily events leading up to Jesus’ death. (P.S. Bryan Wolfmueller’s chart is a helpful guide too.)

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