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Happy August!

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Happy August! I have several things to tell you about today, including a new preorder--Maddy's back earlier than expected--and a summer sale I have going on for a few days only! Also, I have the last part of THE WISH FACTOR here for you to read. The entire short story will be for sale online in a few days and I'll have the link for it in the next newsletter, for those who want to buy a copy. Next month, I'll be starting a new short story for you--it came out in anthology a few years ago, but it was very low key and isn't widely known (or read) by my readers.

But first, Happy Lughnasadh to my fellow pagans--I hope your holiday is wonderful. And here's a picture of our Brighid, who loves watching web cams of kittens. She gets all excited watching the little furbles.

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Iron Bones, #3 in the Wild Hunt Series
Release Date: August 6, 2018


Light and Dark Fae are both dying, caught in the grip of a plague that threatens to sweep through both courts. The deadly disease is spreading, and no one can pinpoint the origins, nor can an antidote be formulated until the details of the contagion are understood. As Cernunnos sets Ferosyn—his best healer—on the task, he also instructs the Wild Hunt to take on the investigation.

Now, Ember and Herne must race against time, seeking an answer before both Fae courts are decimated. Their search leads them deep into the mountains, to a hidden burial site where they discover a terrifying secret that could mean the extinction of the entire Fae race.


CASTING CURSES, #5 in the Bewitching Bedlam Series.
Release Date: September 17, 2018


A November windstorm smashes through the roof of the Bewitching Bedlam, and the damage exposes a hidden room containing a dark secret. An ancient force has been unleashed, and a curse is endangering everyone who Maddy loves, and everything she’s worked for. With her loved ones in danger, Maddy must undergo an arcane ritual in order to lift the curse and exorcise the angry spirit. But, her magic is on the fritz, and without the use of her powers, will Maddy be able to face Ereshkigal, the goddess of the Underworld, and survive?


That's all for this time. See below for the last part of THE WISH FACTOR! The next regular newsletter will go out on September 1, 2018! 

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That's all for this time. See below for the last part of THE WISH FACTOR! The next regular newsletter will go out on September 1, 2018! 

As always, if you love my books, please think about leaving a review--in the indie world, it helps a lot!



And now, for part 4 of Bubba's story! For those new to it, I am serializing a short story I wrote about Bubba's origins and for now, my newsletter is the ONLY place you can find it. For those who haven't read any of the Bewitching Bedlam books so far, Bubba is a cjinn--he's part cat, part djinn, and he lives with Maddy, a 387 year old witch, on Bedlam Island in the San Juan Islands. This is the last part to this story. I'll make it available in e-format soon!  

When fun-loving witch Maddy Gallowglass moves to Bedlam to restore an old mansion and turn it into a magical bed-and-breakfast, the last thing she expects is to meet her match in the gorgeous vampire Aegis, a former servant of Apollo. 

Please do not post ANY of the story excerpts online anywhere or I won't be able to continue offering these perks. 

If you haven't read the first four parts, you can here:



The smell of other animals hit his nose first, pungent and strong. It almost was enough to send him running back to his mother but the image of Tarjan rose in his mind and he decided he would be as brave as his father.

He made his way into the building, looking this way and that, making sure there were no snakes around.

Whatever animals lived here, they seemed to be missing now. Perhaps they were out exploring as well. Whatever the case, Younger Son found himself alone, with only the drone of insects to keep him company.

He wandered in and out of stalls, backing away when he came across a great pile of dung.

His stomach rumbled and he realized he was hungry again, so he conjured up a mouse, wishing for one to appear and it did. He caught it and ate it quickly before anything could come in and startle him. But, combined with food that was already in his stomach, he found himself growing so tired he could barely keep awake. It was time to go back. There was nothing here to report, except for the fact that he had mustered up the courage to go exploring, and so he turned, intending to leave. But there was no door in sight.

All he could see were half walls, and piles and mounds of hay. He wasn’t sure where the entrance was, or how far he had wandered into the labyrinth of a structure.

It seemed immense, compared to how small he was, and bereft, he tried to figure out which way he had come. But now everything was a blur, blending together as his fear grew. Younger Son raced around, meowing loudly, but no one seemed to hear him.

As he began to panic, his thoughts grew muddled, and finally, he huddled down next to a pile of hay, and fell asleep.


The smell of smoke woke him up. Younger Son blinked. His eyes hurt, and his throat was rough. It felt like some time had passed, although he didn’t know how long. But there was something wrong. As he stood, looking around, he first realized that a wall of flames was surrounding him. Second, he realized that he was still inside the structure, and he didn’t know how to find his way out. And lastly, the knowledge crashed in on him that he’d have to go through the flames in order to escape.

The fire was licking at the hay, sparking it to life.

Younger Son raced to an open patch of dirt on the floor, trying to get away from the flickering heat.

“Stop, please stop,” he begged the sparks, but they didn’t listen. And they refused to speak to him. “I said please stop. Let me through, please”

Once again, the flames ignored him, acting as though they weren’t even aware of him. They were angry, he could tell that much, and hungry. They wanted to eat. To eat the hay, to eat the dirt, to eat the ground, to eat the wood, to eat everything around, including him.

“Why won’t you listen?”

At home, the flames would listen, even if they didn’t always obey.

At home, the elementals usually respected the wishes of the cjinns and the djinns and all of the efreet. But here, it was as if they couldn’t even hear him.

Maybe they were under a spell, or under some sort of a curse? Whatever the case, they were dangerous and there was no way out.

Younger Son thought about his mother. If only he had never left her side.

If I make it out, if I can find my mother, I’ll never leave her again, he promised. I’ll never be envious of Headley or Katrina or Deidre or Drakken again. I promise. Please, please...I wish I could escape.

Realizing that the flames were growing closer, he let out a squeak, and then a loud cry, begging for help.

“Mother! Mother come help me!” His fear was so strong he was shimmering from it. “Mother help me! Please help me!”

What had he done to deserve this? Perhaps the Great Cjinn was angry with him? Perhaps the Ancient Fire wanted him to come home? But he wasn’t ready. He wanted to be with his family. He wanted his mother.

“Mother! I wish you were here. Save me!”

As the flames crept near, he backed as far away as he could, steeling himself for the inevitable. And then...a glimmer in the air caught his attention as a voice echoed through the fire. He didn’t understand the words, but he could hear the magic within them.

“Mother? Are you there?”

The next moment, the flames parted, creating a corridor of safety. One of the two legged creatures was standing there—though not one of the two he had seen earlier. She darted through the flames, running over to him. Before he could move, she grabbed him up in her arms and turned to dash back through the fire, and then—they were outside.

A horrendous noise echoed behind them, as the entire structure collapsed.

Younger Son clung to her shoulder, terrified of the noise, terrified of the fact that he had almost died. Carefully, the woman lifted him up, and he stared into her eyes.

Something clicked that moment.

A soft voice whispered in the back of his thoughts. “Welcome into your name, Bubba.”

Blinking, Bubba realized that a great shift had just happened. He had his name. He was full cjinn. As he reached out, trying to search for his mother, his attention kept returning to the creature who held him. She was cuddling him gently, and he felt safe and protected in her arms. She lifted him up again, kissing him gently on the forehead, just like his own mother had.

“You’re safe now, little one. I’ll protect you.”

He wasn’t sure what the words meant, but the energy behind them was clear.

As she carried him around the burning structure, he saw the space where his parents and siblings had been. But they were gone. There was no sign of them.

He let out a faint mew, terrified of being left alone in a strange world.

At that moment, his rescuer pulled him close to her chest, and he could feel the comforting beat of her heart. She kissed him on the head again.

“I guess we were meant to find each other, don’t you think?”

And then, he suddenly realized he understood what she said. He burst into a purr, cuddling close, not wanting her to let go of him.

As they walked through the evening chill, she held him close, and he could feel the bond between them growing. His fear began to lessen, and he slowly closed his eyes as he snuggled against her. As he began to fall asleep, secure in her arms, he heard her whisper.

“I think… I think I’ll call you Bubba. I don’t know why but that just seems like the perfect name for you. Would you like that?”

And with that, he knew that no matter what happened, he had someone on his side. He might have lost his family, but he had gained a new mother, one who would protect him forever. Content in that feeling, he let out a sigh and fell asleep.

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