Jasmine the Writing Cat, sleeping on the job

Remember how last week, I was bragging about how in the week previous, no one had come close to dying and nothing had broken? Remember how I said that I shouldn't get used to it because it surely couldn't happen all that often?

Well, Jasmine the Writing Cat wants me to make it clear to all y'all that this last week didn't go nearly as smoothly, and that this was 100% me falling down on the job.

This is, of course, my cue to explain (indignantly) that it really wasn't my fault, that I really am an excellent furry mother, etc etc, blah blah, excuses excuses, but sadly for my pride, even I can't brush this one off.

Nope, I really did screw things up.

Hell, I can't even blame Reagan – he's over visiting his parents on the other side of the state right now. Which meant that it was totally and completely my responsibility to keep Jasmine the Writing Cat not only in dry cat food (a bare minimum, obviously) but also wet cat food.

Somehow, someway, I actually ran out of both on the same day

For obvious reasons, Jasmine the Writing Cat took this as a ham-handed attempt to starve her to death (as you can see in the picture above, after a morning of no food, she was practically wasting away to nothing at all – hardly anything left to her at that point, honestly) and began informing me that she didn't appreciate this. Not one bit.

At the top of her lungs.

There may or may not have been threats of writer strikes and suggestions that she was never going to suggest a single cat for one of my books again, but I staved her off at the pass by giving her a can of tuna to eat. A whole can of tuna, all by herself.

She decided that perhaps I wasn't such a terrible human being. Maybe.

I've since made it up to her by feeding her the creme de la creme – Fancy Feast dry cat food. We're at the point now that she's suggesting two cats for my next book.

In the meanwhile, around mouthfuls of tuna fish, Jasmine the Writing Cat suggested that I release a new book bundle to y'all, since I've been slacking and not releasing new books like I should be. I dare say she had a point.

I know that it isn't always possible for people to be able to afford my books at full price; I also know that I can't always afford to give my books away for free (or even $0.99). After all, I do have Fancy Feast cat food to buy for my co-writer, you know.

Boxsets are a nice compromise – they allow you to buy my books at a discount while also allowing me to make some money on said sales.

It's good that I got food into Jasmine the Writing Cat fast enough for her to come up with such a brilliant idea. I don't know what I'd do without my fuzzy-faced writing companion. ❤️

So without further ado, here are the boxsets for the first eight books in the Long Valley series: Miller Brothers in Love contains Books 1 - 4; Long Valley in Love contains Books 5 - 8.

They're $9.99 each, which comes out to about 30% off the list price of the individual books.

Miller Brothers in Love by Erin Wright
Long Valley in Love by Erin Wright

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Love and hugs to you all!


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