Can you believe it's already February?

Love is in the air, , and I hope you're feeling it. Bodegas are already putting out their heart-shaped chocolate boxes. Teddy bears line pharmacy walls. And, as always, I am thinking about how much I love you!

January has flown by. If this is any indication of what 2018 is going to be like, we're all in for a wild ride. This year's goal is to consistently provide stuff that you (and I!) can enjoy. 

While it's true that I create for the sake of my own sanity, it requires a lot of time and energy to provide high quality content. If you like my content, consider becoming a Patron through Patreon. Or don't. I'll keep making stuff either way. Check out the video below or click the link to learn more.

I hope you've been enjoying the "Mariya" series. One final installment might be coming after this one, plus a few new ideas I've been batting around. 

For now, you can catch new Youtube videos every week here. Send me your questions and comments and let me know what you'd like to see!

This journey would be nothing without folks like you to share it with. I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. Thank you a million times. 

Your love and support is always appreciated. YOU are appreciated. 

With all my heart,


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Fiction BOTM

I love a good cannibal story. If that sounds like the kind of sick treats you're into, this book (and the following two in the series) might just be for you! 

Non-Fiction BOTM

I'm a deeply spiritual person, but I think it's important to maintain balance. Find out how you might be using spirituality as a crutch, and how it could be holding you back from true growth. 

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Victoria A Wilder

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