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Indomitable Spirits

How many of us know strong women?

They are everywhere, and I would imagine when you heard the question, a powerful woman came racing to your mind. Maybe she was a super heroine, maybe she was a kick boxer, those women are out there. Maybe it was a single mother, working two jobs, raising three kids. The question might have summoned up an image of an elderly woman who cannot be beaten by age or the onset of dementia. When I think of a strong woman, I think of my wife, and my mother. Two women could not be more different than those two, but that does not defeat the fact both of them are strong women, unapologetic in their lives, who do not need to be sheltered and do not need to be coddled.

I hear all the time readers want strong female characters, but when I see them being captured in print, they are all warriors. They are the unflappable wizardess or the general commanding a battle. These women are powerful and their presence in fantasy is needed. But any woman in any walk of life can be strong.

On April 15th my eighth book Legends of the Exiles is released. It is comprised of four novellas that can stand alone or be read together to tell one powerful tale about four amazing women. This book is my love letter to the indomitable spirit of the female gender in all her forms and shades. These stories are about everyday women, warrior women, and survivors of abuse. This book does not leave out the power of the mother, the power of the meek, or the strength of the bold. It celebrates all the strong women in our lives.

Bonus Gift

On release day, I will be sending out a bonus newsletter that has a gift for you, a new novella that can only be found by people who have subscribed to my newsletter. The story is called The Savage and it picks up where Dead Girl left off. Look for it here in two days.

Dead Girl

Dead Girl is the gift I give to any who sign up for my newsletter. If you haven't already, download it and enjoy. It's one of the four novellas included in Legends of the Exiles. So if you'd like a preview of my next book, take advantage of this free offer. 

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