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January 31, 2019 - Issue #83

Project News

New Project Evaluation Report Analyzes LINC Blended Learning Impact on Program
Based on research and evaluation since project inception in 2010, this report summarizes results from two surveys of the implementation of learning technologies in LINC programs in Ontario and across Canada. There are plentiful examples across Canada of successful uptake by individual teachers and in some cases, entire programs. Surveys completed by training participants indicate 90%+ satisfaction with the training offered by the project. Yet, many LINC professionals have struggled to get started locally, and others have still not taken first steps.
Evaluation is part of everything we do on the Project. Since the project’s inception, the team has implemented evaluation strategies that allow us to maintain a conversation with all stakeholders: learners, teachers, managers and the funder. These conversations equip us with the feedback we need to constantly improve the teacher training and learner courseware services we provide to the LINC sector. This report focuses on information from teachers and managers on challenges, barriers and opportunities represented by LINC learning technology innovation. We welcome any feedback on the contents of the report and its conclusions.

New Administrators Manual: Language Learning Leadership Guide
The project is pleased to offer managers and lead teachers in the IRCC-funded language training sector a new version of our leadership guide. Where previous versions (2012 and 2014) were print and PDF based, the Moodle 3 edition is an online resource on the project portal. The new guide has some familiar topics but they’ve all been updated and refreshed: ...

LearnIT2teach Events - Winter 2019
Look for us at these upcoming TESL Ottawa Winter PD Conference (February 2). Our mentoring team will also be delivering training sessions in Halifax, Markham, Calgary, and Nanaimo in February and March. Earlier this month we delivered sessions in Vancouver and Edmonton. Send an email to if you would like to schedule a session in your area.

Web News

Using Amazon Alexa for the English Classroom
... One of the most affordable pieces of edtech, Amazon’s Alexa, can be a simple way for students to engage in reading and writing at a deeper level. Most students love the silly games and interesting stories that are available to captivate their attention on this playful device. If you have been trying to figure to how to use Alexa to make English class more engaging, here are five of the top programs your students will enjoy. ...

Time determining factor in language learning – Babbel
Learning to speak a new language may be as simple as using a mobile app, but the amount of time studying and motivation are still the most important determining factors in improving proficiency, according to a study by Michigan State University and language learning app provider Babbel....

Addiction to a Language-Learning App Can Be Good for You
ReCaptcha inventor Luis von Ahn introduced Duolingo in 2012, hoping to help users master a new language.... So Ahn set out with his developers to make the app as addictive as Candy Crush and other popular games—in a good way. The addiction Duolingo cultivates, he says, isn’t harmful in the way the World Health Organization says compulsive video-game playing is. ... Good or bad, Duolingo’s addiction rate is way up. Next-day retention is 55 percent, up from 13 percent in 2012. …

What makes a neighbourhood work for newcomers? Researchers want to know
Local researchers are hoping a close look at three neighbourhoods in Ottawa-Gatineau will help people better understand what makes it possible for new immigrants to succeed in Canada. A team from Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and the Université du Québec en Outaouais is studying what makes a neighbourhood work for newcomers. ...


Benefits of Color Coding in the Virtual Classroom
Color coding is the process of differentiating similar or distinct items of information through color. ... Integrating color coding into the learning process has many benefits, such as: It stimulates the learners’ visual memory It draws attention to the lesson’s subject It creates a feeling of comfort It helps differentiate logical parts of the material ... The virtual classroom offers additional opportunities and ideas that can be applied to your teaching to make it even more colorful and engaging.

Top 50 Most Popular eLearning Industry Articles For 2018
In eLearning Industry, we love quality content. We’re crazy about well-written articles; we’re always on the lookout for talented eLearning authors and we feel really lucky we have so many of those writing for us. Wondering what I’m talking about? Check this list of the top 50 most popular eLearning Industry articles for 2018. …

Should You Take an Online Course Before You Teach One?
Most of today’s college students graduate having taken at least one online course. Many other adult learners seek online education to further their careers, or for self-improvement. But despite its rising popularity, many adults haven’t yet taken an online course—even though they may be interested in teaching one. ...

Online English Teacher
IBestTeacher is a branch of an online English teaching school - focus on providing stable and efficient work chances for outstanding teachers all around the world.For this job, you can teach Chinese kids at home or anywhere you want, And all you need is a personal computer, quiet environment and high-speed wire line. IBestTeacher help connecting quality teachers to our trusted English teaching platform partners and local schools in China.One application, We'll Match you to Multiple Online Teaching Opportunities. ...

PBLA: Call for Content Developers – Multi-level Modules
The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) is requesting applications from experienced Content Developers to develop multi-level modules with teaching materials under the Portfolio Based Language Assessment Project funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The dates for initial module development are January to March, 2019. Subsequent module development is also planned for April to June 2019, and July to August, 2019. (Deadline for applications: EXTENDED to Wednesday, January 23 at 5:00pm (EST) (Additional calls anticipated in mid-March and mid- May)

Professional Development

New Resource in LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography: Migrants and Mobile Technology Use: Gaps in the Support Provided by Current Tools
This report details the results of a study of 18 recent immigrants with varying language proficiency using a visual dictionary-type application on a smart phone for three weeks. It explains the kinds of strategies the participants used in different settings, where they had difficulties both understanding and communicating in a variety of forms of English in Canada, to what extent the application provided was helpful, the kinds of gaps that were not addressed by it and the type of support that is still needed to help overcome language barriers. ...

Interactivity In Adult Learning: 17 Interaction Design Examples
In this article, we’ll take a look at various interaction designs you can use for every level of interactivity in order to build a productive learning experience for adult learners.

Your Virtual Coach is Ready…. Online Coaching: Does it really work?
... is it really possible to coach effectively online? In this article I’ll explain why I think online coaching not only works well but often can be more powerful than in-person coaching. ... So how do you avoid the pitfalls that are the stuff of viral videos and comedy series? A few simple guidelines can help: ....

e-Resource Corner

Woodward English Grammar Site
This site for adult learners of English provides video tutorials, worksheets and interactive quizzes and games.

Crossword Puzzle Games
This web site offers 32,400 free crossword puzzles and fun tools for people who enjoy word games. Get some help with a puzzle or create your own, free.

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