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Daily Happiness Journal 7
April 20th 2020

I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you. In this email:

  • Thought for the day: Before you comment on someone in a negative way...
  • Picture of the day: Happiness journal with daisies
  • Daily Funny: One Whiskey coming up!
  • Daily Happiness: Duck footprint
  • Daily Quote about flowers by Zen Shin

    I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

    Thought for the day

    Before you comment on someone in a negative way...

    You see someone and before you know it you comment something negative about them. You know: "Wow, she is fat!" "Does he have to speak all the time?" "That colour doesn't suit her at all!"

    How about the next time to catch yourself almost saying something negative about a person, you stop and deliberately find something about them you can praise. In your mind or aloud. You can complement the chubby lady for her beautiful scarf. Or the talkative person for their positivity. Or the lady with the "wrong" colour - concentrate on the colour and try to remember where you have seen it and liked it.

    Your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time. So let that one thing be something positive about the other person.

    Picture of the day
    Write down the positive things in your day, and let them lift your spirits
    Happiness Journal with daisies

    I love wild flowers. I took a picture of these daisies growing on the side of a field near our summer cottage. It was one of my snap-photos I don't really plan. I notice something that would make a nice picture, and just take the photo without thinking or planning much. I am not a professional photographer by any means but I have found taking these photos of things that bring me joy in a moment is a great way to remember these moments later on.

    Happiness Journal with daisies
    Daily Funny
    One Whiskey coming up!

    My husband came home one day totally knackered. 

    "I could use a shot of whiskey!" he sighed and walked to the bedroom to change his clothes.

    "Honey! Will you come here and close the door behind you - don't let the cats in!" he suddenly said.

    I did as asked and he pointed through the balcony window. A cat was standing on the railing. And it wasn't ours.

    I opened the balcony door and the balcony glazing, careful not to frighten the cat so it would not fall, as we live quite high. It jumped down safely on the balcony floor.

    "That has to be from our next door neighbour," my husband said. 

    Careful not to alert our cats to the presence of the strange cat (as that would have caused quite a mayhem) I lured them to the bathroom with the help of kitty munchies and closed the door. I then went to ring the doorbell of the next apartment. Our neighbour, a young man, opened.

    "I think you are missing something. Do you perhaps have a cat?" I asked.

    "Yes, it is in the balcony," the young man said.

    "Yes it is. In our balcony."

    He followed me to our apartment and sure enough the cat was his. He lifted it up and promised to make sure the cat would not escape again. 

    "What's the name of your cat?" my husband asked.

    "Whiskey," the neighbour answered and walked away.

    I burst into laughter.

    "There you see - be careful what you ask for. You might just get it!" 

    Hubby dearest had to agree.

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    (I especially love the funny things children say!). 

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    Today's Happiness

    Duck footprint

    This little duck footprint surprised me when we were walking by the river Aura here in Turku (yes, we are allowed to walk outdoors, thank goodness, but keeping our distance from other people). Isn't this just cute? How could you look at this and not smile?

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    Daily Quote

    “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

    – Zen Shin

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