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Financial Impacts Now and Future

Initial budget recommendations must be made soon, and we believe it is important to share financial impacts with those of you who enjoy the services of CSU Extension in Jefferson County.

The Jeffco Extension 2020 budget was reduced by nearly $70,000. Reductions were made across all county divisions in the general fund because of TABOR limitations.

Extension staff minimized impact to the public by reducing supplies and services with least effect on our programs. The staff anticipated that we could manage with those cuts for one year and recoup in 2021.

Lacking approval of the 2019 November ballot measure, however, the county is again faced with cuts for 2021. For Extension, the cuts will have much greater impact on the services we are able to provide.

More information and to take action

We stand together against hate, bias, and racism

CSU Extension and Colorado State University are firm in our stance.  In the words of CSU President, Joyce E. McConnell, “I affirm that it is not enough to commit to being a university and a community where hate and bias and racism are not tolerated. We are committed to being anti-hate, anti-bias, and anti-racist.”

For more, read the powerful statement that the Office of the Vice President for Diversity released on May 29.

Free Online Environmental Summer Camp

This summer, ENOR Environmental Discovery Camp is offering a free virtual camp that your kids can do at their own pace in your home and backyard or nearby park. These camps include videos, virtual hikes, and guided activities that highlight the same environmental and social themes as our in-person camps. Register now to access a week of summer camp!

Congratulations, 4-H Seniors!

We’d like to offer a huge round of applause to our 4-H seniors that graduated from high school last month. Congrats and best of luck for the future goes out to Mary Amoroso, Rhonda Amoroso, Elisha Elliott, Steven Hoehler, Marty Kacsh, Taylar Kolstad, Christina Marcus, Rachel Mosch, Ruth Mosch, Layne Sellmer, Victoria Stozek, Aspen Tolman, Dora White and Sara Wiechman.

Learn more about 4-H here 

Emerald Ash Borer Identified in Jeffco

This June, state officials confirmed the presence of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in the city of Arvada. Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a non-native, wood-boring beetle that is responsible for the death or decline of tens of millions of ash trees in the United States and Canada. EAB only attacks Ash trees in the genus Fraxinus; Mountain Ash and other species are not susceptible. You can prepare for EAB by:

1. Learning how to identify an Ash tree

2. Making a plan for your Ash tree

3. Brushing up on insecticide options for protecting Ash trees

Natural Resources Virtual Academy

Join us! We are offering a Natural Resource Management Virtual Academy for youth entering grades 7-12 who are interested in the environment and ready to explore, in depth, their passion for Colorado’s natural resources. We will explore a variety of natural resource careers and topics. The week will include:

    • Online presentations July 27- 31, 12:00-1:00pm each day
    • Additional at-home activities for those that want to do more
    • Earn a NRMA certificate by attending all 5 days!

    Register in advance for this opportunity

    For more information email Mari Johnson at

    Mari Johnson and Lisa Stavig
    Staff Recognized for their Achievements

    Congratulations to Jeffco Extension staff - Mari Johnson (left) and Lisa Stavig (right)- who were recognized by their Front Range peers. Mari, Natural Resources Agent, was recognized as Volunteer Manager and Lisa, Mentor Program Coordinator, as Early Adopter/ Program Innovator.

    Also nominated were Patti O’Neal for Diversity Promoter, Kim Massey for Community Partner/ Engager, Diana Solenberger for Educator/ Communicator and Jacki Paone for Community Partner/ Engager.

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