Happy Easter/Blessed Ostara

After a long weekend of family and fun, I'm looking forward to a productive week. I'll finish my Auburn Tempest book today and will move to finish the final pass on Jesse in The Unstoppable Storme.

Book 5 Launches in two weeks!

Are you ready for the fifth and final book in the Exemplar Hall, magi academy series? If not, you've got two weeks until The Unstoppable Storme launches.

Wyatt, my pain in the butt Gemini twin, is free from Branston's evil juju. My mates, while not totally all-in with each other, are all-in with me. And the Magi Resistance is taking down Magi-tek servers and searching the planet for our founding father—Griffin Galilei.

Celestial Council, we're coming for you.

Dean Belmont and the Branstons may have messed up ideas of how to use Wyatt and me to get the power they crave, but they're delusional. We're not going to be their puppets. We're not going to sit and watch them leech the Source from the fae citizens. And I'm certainly not going to play a staring role in Chad Branston's personal Handmaid's Tale.

Yeah-no, never going to happen.

With threats mounting within the walls of Exemplar, lines are drawn, and the survival of the Magi Knights hangs in the balance.

Luckily, I'm not alone. I have...
♥ Maverick - my protective and broody wolf.
♥ River - my loveable and loyal bear.
♥ Brody - my vampire, hot for teacher mentor.
♥ Jack - my not-so-nerdy genius.

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Isla Brown saw the will of the Gods when they revealed her fated partner at the age of sixteen. But who needs to rush into a mating that young? Older now, Isla has returned to her childhood home on Lake Galen and is ready to build a life with her shifter mate. But she’s having trouble concentrating on that goal with a certain human constantly staring at her. And making her laugh. And tempting her to stray from her fated path.

The night he almost killed her, he discovered her secret.

Finn Hammond knows Isla is a selkie, a mythical seal shifter. He also knows that he doesn’t deserve her. Not after an almost fatal mistake he made years ago. But when they both find themselves at a lake side party, Finn can’t help mooning over Isla the way he has since they were in highschool together. And when she offers him the opportunity to dive deep into a single night of passion, he can’t find the will to walk away.

But a new day brings honesty, and when secrets are revealed, both Isla and Finn must choose a different future.

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