New MetroLinq v2.2.0 firmware

The latest MetroLinq firmware release brings major improvements which extends the range to much longer distances with PTMP (Point to Multipoint) mode. The firmware is available on the support portal after selecting specific model, which will be upgraded.

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Release notes

Beamwidth control

This firmware update adds the ability to control the antenna beamwidth of the 60GHz radio via software - increasing the distance almost 2 times comparing to the previous 700m (0.43mi) maximum. Narrowing the antenna beam on the base station (MetroLinq LW or MetroLinq 2.5G Beamforming sector) drives the new max distance to up to 1.3km (0.81mi) depending on the client used. Also, in PTP mode, the MetroLinq LW devices now can work up to 400m (0.25mi) and still include 5GHz failover and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi access using the same device.

The below table shows the distance limits when adjusting the antenna beam:

Daisy chaining multiple 10G Omni’s

Station mode support is now available on the 10G Omni including 5GHz failover capability. This enables operators to interconnect multiple 10G Omni devices together in order to build the backhaul network and simplifies multi-gigabit connectivity extension using 60GHz mmwave MetroLinq equipment.

Additional features in the latest firmware release include:

Custom 5GHz channel selection allows selecting a list of preferred channels for failover

Built-in device discovery shows all IgniteNet devices operating in the same network

Management VLAN control

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Release notes
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