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It's Day 26 of the Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp!

The end is in sight! Today it's Crazy Cardio Core 5 - your last Crazy, cardio core workout of the programme - think POWER, POWER, POWER - let's do this!

Read on to find out what you need to do today, your Tummy ATTACK recipe of the day, your GUT Health article and your Tummy ATTACK tip of the day!

Here's your Day 26 audio, CLICK HERE to listen - it's 12 minutes long!

Janey x

Don't forget, all of your content is available on the Tummy ATTACK password protected pages.

CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Welcome page (password: TA)
CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Week 4 page which contains your Day 26 videos (password: TA)

What you need to do today...

Whoop-whoop, final Cardio Core work out of the TA!

This is the one where we combine cardio and arms, all equipment free with lots of punching too, get that stress out, yaaay!

Your Tummy ATTACK Daily Article!

I wanted to share a great article from Cancer Active about their 3-way approach to cancer prevention that backs up all my (and the TA) principles:

Diet and lifestyle
Dangers (chemical/environmental)
Disease (virus, infection, parasites)

to read.

Your Tummy ATTACK Recipe of the Day!

I got sent this by a client and had to share with you all!

Egg white and greens fritatta

(you can make with both parts of the egg too!)

Click here
to read this tasty recipe. There are also some great recipes on this site too (steer clear of the puddings and cakes though, ha ha!)

Your Tummy ATTACK Tip of the Day!

Get so excited about your body that you want to burst!

Ok, so I know this might seem a weird tip of the day, but following on from some of my audio content over the last few days, I just want you to get excited about who you are, what your body can do, what it is potentially capable of and all that gorgeous stuff!

Having this mentality is a positive one, and one that should inspire you to push yourself and stay committed and be consistent.

We can all fall away from being the fittest version of us, (even I'm not always the fittest version of me!) But I've been so inspired from doing the TA that I've re-found my passion for fitness again, particularly seeing the images of stronger older women and part of this re-ignition of passion is because I've got really excited about my body and what it can do.

Go, go GO!

Tummy picture inspiration!

Today I wanted to share two videos about two very different women!

First, this great 3 minute video about a woman finding the gym and becoming truly dedicated to her gym training and transforming her body as a result... CLICK HERE to watch

More tummy picture inspiration!

And watch this short video about this 86 year old gymnast... proving AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!

Click here to watch, and I explain more on the audio.

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