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Dear Reader,

          Life is a series of moments, and they pass by like snowflakes. Whether you're in a flurry or in a soft shimmer, here's a few moments frozen in time. 

Laura Aliese Miedema
8:37 PM - Dec 16, 2019

18,520 words over a 100 days. That’s what I wrote during a challenge the Vinegar Hill Writing and Reading Companions took on. I’m forever grateful to my writing friends and my work friends who spur me on to be the best I can be. And thank you to the Secret Santa at my work Christmas party who gifted this lovely mug! #writeyourownstory #amwritingpoetry @cehpl

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       I'm about 70 pages into my first draft. I estimate the novel will be 280 pages, so I'm a quarter the way through.  

       For anyone working on their own novel, I would recommend setting and tracking a goal with Pacemaker. It's free! 

I'm using it for the goal of finishing my rough draft in a year.

The legends about my ancestor Elida told to me by my Bumpa have long captured my imagination. I'm writing this story in honour of him.

My grandfather Wayne Priest and the gravestone of his grandmother Elida Hoeg, the main character of my novel.

Research your family tree for free with

Sneak Peek
Elida talking to Jane, her Mistress

I want to tell you what lovely knickers you have, Mrs. Jane.

I was folding the velvet black pair Thursday last

Commenting to the closeline

If only I was delicate as this

And then I began to sniffle

And without thinking

I wiped my nose with them

I caught myself in mid swipe

Told myself

That’s why I’ll be in purgatory

For another millennium

You’re taking fine people’s fine things

And crying your face over them

When they just want you

To be respectful like

And get out of their way

To be as clean and quiet

As the LORD whispering in church.



I cleaned your knickers twice

And I must say,

They are still as black as they could be

Expected to be

What with you wearing them

And all.

Recommended Reads

The Vinegar Hill Writing and Reading Companions (my closest group of writing friends) have a book club. Here's what I've been reading!

Mary, Mary by Lesley Crewe

At a recent library conference, I met Lesley Crewe (at the desert buffet table) and attended a session on audiobooks. What's even better? Both of them together!

Mary is a goody two shoes with a bunch of crazy relatives. Set in Cape Breton, and full of funny and real characters. 

Your first audiobook is free on Audible. Here's the link to the audiobook version of Mary, Mary: 

DIY MFA by Gabriela Pereira

Working full time doesn’t offer the time or even the hefty resources needed to pursue a Masters of Fine Art in Creative Writing. But this book has helped nurture the entrepreneurial skills and mindset it takes to be a flourishing writer.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out to get the knowledge without the college.  is like Facebook for readers. You can keep track of what you've read and would like to read. I'm on GoodReads and would love to be your friend. Here's to book bliss!

See my GoodReads profile and add me as your friend!

Stay tuned for my next newsletter in February 2020.

I'm excited to see what this new year will hold!

In word and in life,
In word and in life,
Laura Aliese Miedema

20 Willow Street, Truro
Nova Scotia B2N 4Z4 Canada

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