Bursting at the seams with news! 

My goodness I hardly know where to get started this month! New website, new rave reviews, news for The Absinthe Earl insiders (that's you!), a giveaway, and a three-pack of summer reading recs! 

I think we have to start with the fabulous publishing industry reviews The Absinthe Earl continues to receive! I have been positively glowing over the latest. Here are excerpts from the three we've received just since the last newsletter...

“Anyone who loves a good supernatural story, along with a hefty dose of Irish legend and romance, will adore this new series.

“The environment is lush and imaginative, with everyone appearing to hide their own seductive, dark secrets. It’s a world that comes alive with mysterious, foggy moors, dangerous peat bogs, and gorgeous green hills. Ada is an admirably independent heroine, taking her research quite seriously despite the handsome distraction of Edward.”

“I suggest reading this captivating novel in a verdant woodland, sitting in the shade against a stout tree trunk and perhaps sipping a bit of absinthe.”

I know, right? I honestly couldn't be more pleased with these. 

The other exciting bit of news I have just for The Cozy Read subscribers: the publisher has booked the voice talent for the audio version of the novel! You can listen to samples on Audible: Alison McKenna and Alan Smyth. Even their names sound evocative and lovely, don't they? 

All of my authorly schtuff has been getting a facelift in the buildup to the release, and my website is ready for unveiling! The image above gives you an idea, but please go check it out and let me know what you think! The biggest content additions are a page dedicated to my new series, The Faery Rehistory, which gives lots of fun background details, and a Bookstore. The Bookstore provides links to all the books and authors I feature in this newsletter, along with my own books. It is set up as an Amazon affiliate store, so it will work sort of like a tip jar—I'll get a small cut of sales from the retailer, which will help support my writing. If you enjoy my books and recommendations, please feel free to share the link with your friends!

Before I get on with the rest of our business, a quick update on giveaways. First of all, congratulations to Cora R., who was randomly selected from new BookBub subscribers to receive a signed advance reading copy of The Absinthe Earl

Also there is a new BookSweeps giveaway on right now for more than 45 paranormal and sci-fi romance novels plus an eReader. My sci-fi romance The Ophelia Prophecy will be included. Click the graphic below to enter! 

My summer reading

It's been several years since I moved out to the country, and I am ashamed to admit I just recently got a library card for my new county. I tend to add to my TBR via Kindle price promos. However, it still can add up to a good bit of change, and I still really enjoy holding paper copies of books. Here are my finds for this summer so far! 


The first book I checked out from my new library was by romance legend Beverly Jenkins, whom many folks in Twitter Romancelandia fondly refer to as Miss Bev. The cover sold me on Rebel (I mean look at it!), and it doesn't disappoint. Val is feisty and lovable and Drake is...oh MY. I love historical fiction set in New Orleans and I love a slow-burn romance—therefore I read this book in two days. There is a lot of fascinating post-Civil War history, and food, glorious food! But also did I mention Drake?

I didn't realize that although this is the first in a series, it is the second in the LeVeq story, so I'll have to go back and read the first...though at the moment I'm being distracted by the cover of another of Jenkins' novels, Destiny's Captive. Of the three books I discuss in this newsletter, Rebel is your best bet for a relaxing beach read. 


This was my very first reading of an Agatha Christie novel. For many years I had no interest in the genre. I don't know why. I mean you'd think I'd be all over it, considering how often I employ mysteries and plot twists in my fantasy and science fiction. My tween daughter doesn't like them, so maybe it's genetic. But having recently very much enjoyed mysteries by Sherry Thomas and Daphne Du Maurier (see the Bookstore!), I thought the time had come. I Googled "best Agatha Christie novels," and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd ended up being the second borrow on my new library card.

I also had trouble putting this book down. Mystery novels are like puzzles, which are like crack to my INFJ/P brain. There is also continuous plot tension. And the language/speaking style of the novel reminded me very much of my upcoming release. The detective in this story, a Belgian called Hercule Poirot, is a hoot—we first meet him when he tosses a huge squash over the narrator's fence in frustration. The reveal at the end is a massive surprise, and I had a few reservations about it, but I will likely be reading Christie again. I want to provide one reader warning: This novel contains an instance of antisemitic sentiment. The book is nearly 100 years old, but it still came as a shock. I did a little research to see whether this was common for Christie or whether maybe it was intended as character development, and I found this thoughtful post. Apparently Christie had some clueless notions when she was younger that she shed in later life.  


I saw all kinds of rave reviews for An Unkindness of Ghosts, and frankly I just loved the title. Plus it's psychologically driven science fiction and #OwnVoices. The smartness of this book reminded me so much of Margaret Atwood. And like Atwood, it is not a comfortable read. But Rivers Solomon’s writing is a joy, the book’s protagonists are lovingly drawn and relatable, and the plot builds on classics while offering something thoroughly unique. Here again I need a reader warning: The protagonists live among racists. There is physical and psychological brutality. But the ending is one of hope rather than despair.

Folks, I think we got through it all! Please do enjoy these last precious days of summer. I'll leave you with a preorder link for The Absinthe Earl, and a reminder of how VERY MUCH preorders and reviews help. I can't believe we're only 10 weeks out. If you want to count down with me on Instagram (photos of the book in different places on my farm), you can follow me here. As my Irish Queen Isolde would say, huzzah! 

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