December 2020

New Integrations

New Product Updates

Only Enterprise Version:

  1. Inventory and Stock-keeping

    • Sellers will now have to manually confirm the completion of a cycle count to avoid the completion of the cycle count by mistake
    • Putaway Inspected Not good item has been added as a new type of Putaway for item traceability. The sellers can mark item barcodes from good to bad using this putaway
  2. Order Processing

    • In the Bundling workflow, users can now mark items damaged or not found while receiving the bundling picklist in the staging area. They can also create new picklists for the damaged or not found items for the same shipment.

      In the same workflow, while receiving the bundling picklist, users can now mark all remaining items as not found through the 'Mark other items not found' button

All Product Versions:

  1. Order Processing

    • Users can now split bundle quantities into different shipments while receving the invoicing picklist
    • Sellers can now prevent the initiation of the picking process in case any shipment is on hold in order to increase operational efficiency. For the item kept on hold post picking, sellers can also ensure that courier allocation and label printing is not done till the item is removed from hold

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