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Prayer Letter
September 2020


It's been a busy summer, and we have put a lot of miles on the van over the past month. But we are thankful that we made it back home again safely.

The past few weeks have been full of medical appointments, trips to the dentist, a visit with the optometrist, and even a surgery. After a summer away, there was a lot to get taken care of.

Now we are focusing again on getting back on the road – we will be in Montana the next three weekends – to present the ministry God has given out family.

Praise ye the LORD!

Philippians 4:6 says, “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

How often do we pray about things and never know how God steps in and answers our prayer? I suspect there are a lot of situations where we pray about something that we think is small and never think twice about the situation.

During our pre-field ministry, we have prayed a lot about safety on the road. Normally, when we pray for safety on the road we are thinking of when we are together as a family driving from church to church. But we need God’s safety every time we drive.

This truth became obvious to our family in a not small way recently. Lisa took Jayme to Spokane for her drive test so she could get her drivers’ license. While Jayme was taking the test, Lisa called me to let me know that they noticed a new noise that they thought was coming from the transmission. Since the car they were driving has a known transmission issue, we were not too worried about it.

Jayme passed her test, and afterward, they completed some errands and drove home. In all, the total miles driven were about 100. When they got home, I listened to the car, and it sounded okay, except for a slight rotational noise when the vehicle was in motion.

Further inspection isolated the noise to the front left wheel, where I pulled the hubcap off and found two loose lug nuts… The other three lug nuts were sheared off and sitting inside the hubcap. At this point, I was praising God.

We drive so many miles every month. Some months we drive across multiple time zones. And we almost take it for granted that God will give us safety as we travel. But as I stood there looking at our Buick, I could not help but think of what would have happened if the rest of the lug nuts had failed and the wheel had fallen off while my little girl was driving the car. 

Sometimes I think God protects us from things that we will never know about. This however was a situation, where I know how fortunate we are. Psalm 146 is a psalm of trusting God, and it opens and closes with “Praise ye the LORD.” We pray almost daily for safe travels. Today we are praising the Lord for safe travels.

In Christ,

Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family

  • We were able to see a remodel completed at Missionary Aces this summer while we served there: read about it on our blog here
  • We attended a Missions Conference at Prescott Baptist Church in Prescott, KS.
  • Brynna's surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids went well and she is recovering nicely
  • Ellie was able to get in at the eye doctor and get her first pair of glasses ordered. 
  • Our current committed support level is up to about 20%. 
  • Owen's has been leaving his G-tube alone
  • Lisa's business hasn't yet lost any clients during this pandemic, and continues to provide the income we need so Bryan can focus on contacting churches and preparing sermons. 
  • We have been able to stay productive during this downtime.
Prayer Requests
  • That our family would grow closer to God and continue to grow spiritually during deputation.
  • For salvation for our kids who are not yet saved.
  • That the residents and staff currently at Missionary Acres would continue to stay healthy -- Praise God, none have gotten COVID-19.
  • To continue to connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2020. We are praying for 25+ good meetings (18 have been completed or scheduled so far).
  • That God would raise our support level to 50% or more this year.  YES, we still believe that God can accomplish this.
  • For continued safety on the road, we have many miles to drive in the coming months.
  • For continued health for our family.
  • For wisdom for our oldest daughter as she seeks God's direction for her life after high school.
  • That we could locate a home where our family could stay for the coming year in the state of Missouri.
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