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August 2020
New screendance series online

From August 17 to 31, Mandoline Hybride is pleased to present a new series of short cine-choreographic explorations from an international residency conducted at the Centro de las Artes de San AgustĂ­n (CaSA), in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Six artists from Canada, France, Mexico and Argentina gathered in July 2018 for the Expanded Hybrids residency produced by Agite y Sirva festival : Camille Auburtin (France), Ladys Gonzales (Argentina), Ximena Monroy ( Mexico), Paulina Ruiz Carballidos (France-Mexico), Emilie Morin (Canada) and Priscilla Guy (Canada).

Watch the 8 video explorations
Discussion with the artists

This Wednesday August 19 from 4:00 to 5:00PM, these creators will be gathered again for a discussion on the web. Come ask your questions or simply attend the conversation via the GoogleMeet link.


Mandoline Hybride would like to thank its partners :

and also the Comité de développement de Marsoui (CDM), the Comité des Loisirs de Marsoui and the Café du Parc.

Based in Gaspésie, Mandoline Hybride supports the production and dissemination of artistic initiatives targeting different communities, in addition to producing the creations of its director and founder Priscilla Guy. Find out more :

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