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Incorporation and Legal Structures for your Sports Club

Welcome to this month's CDS Newsletter,

The focus of this month's newsletter is upon legal structures for your sports club. 

Many clubs in Scotland are unincorporated (with no legal structure). This is a suitable setup for small members’ or amateur clubs with no significant assets, no interest in property and who do not employ staff, enter into contracts or other arrangements involving risk.

However, unincorporated clubs have no “legal personality” and therefore if someone wanted to raise legal action against the club, it would be raised against the individuals involved with running the club, rather than the club itself (see here for examples). 

This has prompted many clubs to consider incorporation, however, which legal structure to adopt can be a tricky task! The choices are plentiful and it can seem overwhelming deciding which option to take. It’s worth taking your time over the decision and making sure the structure you choose is right for your club, as each structure has its own strengths. 

To help clubs through this process, we have produced this guidance on legal structures. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the structures, or indeed would like support with the process of incorporation, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing 

News & What We're Reading

Bohemians appoint first ever Climate Justice Officer

Football is set to tackle climate change as Bohemian FC has appointed club member Sean McCabe as their first Climate Justice Officer.

Aiming to be 'More Than A Club'

A really nice look at the great work that’s going on between football clubs, their charitable trusts and wider community organisations to ensure communities stay connected, safe and healthy during COVID19 in this month’s Third Force News here.

Non-financial reporting and sport

This recent Sustainability Report article reports on a growing trend in sport: non-financial, or sustainability, reporting. Governments are beginning to require organisations of a certain size to provide more in-depth sustainability-related data, and some big clubs are picking up the trend. For many clubs, the commitments and work are already there, but they don't know where to begin putting it down on paper.

So where do sport organisations begin their reporting process? What will they need to hit the ground running?

Forest Green Rovers hope recycled coffee kit will prove a good fit

Already in a league of their own when it comes to sustainability in sport, innovative English soccer club Forest Green Rovers will trial a kit made from coffee bean waste on Saturday.


Community Asset Transfers for Sports Clubs

In this podcast we were speaking to Stuart Haw, a PhD researcher looking at Community Asset Transfers in the sports sector. Community Asset Transfers are something you might already be familiar with, but equally, you might just be hearing about them for the first time. CATs are an opportunity for community organisations to apply for ownership or management of local authority-owned assets.

Climate change and Football

In this podcast, we talk to James Atkins ( – the man behind Planet Super League, a football tournament that brings the family together to help the planet and your football club.

Grant Funding

Clubs can look to raise significant capital for funding through their own independent fundraising methods but often there are funders who support community projects and may make suitable funding partners for your project.

Here are some of the newest funds your club may be eligible to apply for.

If you're looking for support with your fundraising, get in touch.

British Science Association - The Ideas Fund

The Ideas Fund is a grants programme run by the British Science Association and funded by Wellcome, which enables the UK public to develop and try out ideas that address problems related to mental wellbeing. It offers early stage grants and larger grants for established projects in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

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Device Refurbishment Support Fund

The Device Refurbishment Support Fund aims to support voluntary and community sector organisations with established device refurbishment and distribution programmes to build their capacity to get additional devices out to people unable to cover the purchase costs themselves.  

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Fundraising is an important aspect of any club's success. Check out some ways you can raise valuable income here. If you're looking for support with your fundraising, get in touch.

My Club Hub

Volunteering can be a busy and thankless task so whether it’s managing day to day duties or maintaining a compliant club, supported by nearly 250 design features, your time and effort needn’t be stretched with My Club Hub's membership and payment system. Get in touch for more information. 

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SNAP Sponsorship Support

SNAP helps clubs promote sponsorship opportunities to a wider audience while sharing best practices when it comes to negotiating and securing sponsorship, all within one easy-to-use platform. Use the promo code "clubdevelopmentscotland" at checkout and enjoy 12 months of support for the price of 11 (+ keep 100% of your sponsorship)

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Fundraising with Fantastic Fanatics

Fantastic Fanatics (FF) is a great new way to raise funds for your club, at no extra cost, when you shop, eat out, book hotels and lots more.

Clubs can sign up to the FF platform here and start earning money straight away - don't forget to select Club Development Scotland as your governing body for an extra 10% income. 

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Our Club Lotto

Small club lotteries are a powerful and sustainable way for organisations to raise funds for their core activities or larger projects.

Decades of experience in administration, commercial operation and technical knowhow of local lotteries is combined to support your fundraising activities on a bespoke Our Club Lotto portal.


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Resources For Your Club

Quantifying the economic and social impact of sport

The Social Return on Investment model developed by UEFA aims to demonstrate that an investment in grassroots football can generate positive societal impacts. 

Find out more about the methodology behind quantifying your clubs economic and social value here.


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Legal Structures for your Sports Club

One of the most important choices you will make when forming your sports club is which legal structure to adopt. The choices are plentiful and it can seem overwhelming deciding which option to take. It’s worth taking your time over the decision and making sure the structure you choose is right for your club, as each structure has its own strengths. Check our guidance on it here.

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