Anyone else hitting the wall?

It's been nearly a year of sheltering in place with four young children, and I’ve hit a new level of tired (the kind that no amount of sleep can fix) and a new level of stir crazy. I can't wait for things to return to normal (or at least some semblance of normal).

To keep sane, I've been working through the final edits of Claiming Her Beasts Book Two and I think you’re going to love this book =) Make sure to preorder your copy if you haven’t yet!

To tide you over until the release date (April 2nd), I’ve tracked down some awesome book deals, new releases, giveaways, and freebies (see below).

Take good care,

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New Release: Paranormal Romance!

Wild Moon

When I found my true mate, happily ever after sure as hell didn’t start, but hell definitely began. I ran away, and now I’ve been searching for peace for weeks as I drive around the country. I didn’t mean to take the wrong road. I didn’t mean to make it to that small town. And I didn’t mean to meet two men, who set me and my wolf on fire...

New Release: Shifter Romance!

Nail 'Em

Living means dealing with the consequences of our escape. I thought it was going to be me and Jai against the rest of the world, but now there's Zane and all the other men I freed. They stood back in respect to our bond, but with Jai caged by his own pack, they're closing in...

Free RH Romance!

From the Deeps

Macey is really quite ordinary, if you ignore that she's a kelpie princess living on land. Still, her life is boring until she gets kidnapped by a man who doesn't quite know why he kidnapped her. Thankfully, he and his two companions are prepared to help her find out why she can't return to Earth from their house in the Mists...

99 cent New Release!

Shifter Claimed

Somebody killed my best friend and set me up to take the fall. Now, I’ve got two days to prove I’m innocent before it’s open season on hunting me down. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m partnered with a royal enforcer who isn’t what he seems. Sure, he’s sexy as hell, but he’s the most dangerous supernatural I’ve ever encountered. And I literally get paid to hunt the worst of the worst.

Paranormal Series Starter!

Her Dark Moon

My brother gave his life to help me escape the pack. Now, after being in hiding for the last few years, I'm seeing shifters outside of their normal territory, and they're getting closer to my little patch of wolf-free paradise. If they find out I'm still alive, they'll haul me back and mate me.. 

Shifter Romance!

Rising Sun

Lexi along with Galen, Rafferty, Maverick and Ranger have survived the Blood Moon. Lexi has discovered her new powers and with them comes a great deal of responsibility. With the help from her father, Tobias and all the Wolf Packs can Lexi help heal the curse that has been placed on the Shifters. Or does her power only go so far.

99 cent Pre-order!

Hearts Unleashed

Hearts Unleashed brings you 20+ BRAND NEW tantalizing tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy in this thrilling collection of heart-pounding books featuring Shifters, Vampires, Witches and more. Unleash your heart, indulge your senses, and satisfy your cravings with this fantastic collection of supernatural fiction...

Rejected Mate Pre-order!

Rejected Exile

Juniper has changed since my exile. A dark curse has taken hold and killed all the female werewolves in town... The people here have changed too. There are new werewolves around, like gorgeous, burly Lance and sinful, charming Finn. And the boy I once knew as a skinny beanpole has grown up into a stunning man named Roarke...

Claiming Her Beasts Book Two

Live by his rules or die by them…

The city fell. Help never came. Now our lives depend on playing by Dominic’s punishing rules. But the icy-cold sergeant’s brutal tactics and questionable motives make him just as dangerous as the monsters outside.

Even worse, my visceral attraction to Dominic and a deadly shifter is pushing Reed further into insanity. His bouts of amnesia and animalistic rages may force me to make a soul-shattering choice—love or survival?