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Lucy's Personal Update:
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Greetings everyone! Whoops, it's been a month since my last corset newsletter. 😬

If you're new here, welcome! And don't worry, you haven't missed much - I tend to vascilate between weekly and "weekly" (more like monthly) newsletters depending on what's going on in my life, as I don't have any assistants or employees to help.

I had so much exciting stuff planned for this past month, including fun Halloween themed stuff, Fast Foundation (answering viewer questions!) and even diving into some storytime and reaction videos - but then I fell ill.

It was *probably* not the dreaded plague but I was good and I quarantined as per the guidelines in my area. The associated fatigue pushed my schedule back a bit, and I also took the time to finalize some things with my upcoming wedding (which is now less than a month away!) and I also took a short leave of bereavement.

Now I'm doing my best to make you some new content so you have *something* to watch while I'm away getting hitched.

But anyway! This week I have some new videos, a new gorgeous skintone colorway, and some updates to the Ebay page! Read on ahead...

~ Lucy

Cinnamon skintone shade, reimagined

Left to Right: Cinnamon Lace Hourglass Overbust, Textured Bronze "Any Fabric" special order, Cinnamon Lace Hourglass Underbust. Click on any of the pics to learn more, or click here to see the Beige and Brown page!

I admit to being a little devastated when the 2017 Skintone corset collection (when we released 7 different shades of "nude" corsets, in slim and hourglass silhouettes) were finally put on clearance and discontinued earlier this year.

However, I'm made a believer again, because the cinnamon colorway has been reborn with this breathtaking corded floral lace overlay. I was gobsmacked when I first saw it. It's sensuous, and it adds a depth and richness to the plain nude.

If lace isn't really your thing and you prefer to have a rich brown that is finished in a sleek, stealthable satin, then the Textured Bronze fabric can be specially made in any silhouette your heart desires - check the "Any Fabric" special orders, and if you don't see what you want, hit "reply" to this email and let me know what you'd like to have made!

Both the Cinnamon Lace and the Textured Bronze come with antique brass hardware (a brown-shade busk and bones) for a congruous finish. See the close-up below!

Cinnamon Lace closeup with floral lace overlay and antique brass busk
New Video this week:

LXG Designs Couture Corset & Gown!

This is the story of a girl and a corset that travelled over 4000 miles to get it *just right*. Part storytime, part unboxing and part first try-on / first impressions!

Click here to watch!

Bella Cincher Review: recently improved hip spring

Revisiting the Bella Cincher by Glamorous Corset. The last time I reviewed this teeny corset, it had a slim silhouette and the springs weren't much to write home about - but now the Bella is 40% curvier through the hips, and subjectively much more comfortable.

Click here to watch!
"Ebay Corset Finds" page has been updated!

Noteworthy deals & updates:

  • Thierry Mugler corset price dropped by $100
  • Morgana Femme Couture underbust (22") price dropped by $30
  • Secrets in Lace NWT overbust (seen left) price dropped by $25
  • Eternal Spirits Anya (tuxedo style corset) now additional 15% off
Click to see all of Lucy's Ebay finds
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