Hangout for locals- reading for everyone.

What hijinks do comic publishers, podcasters, and the World’s Greatest Furry Artist get up to with local gamers? Join us and find out tonight! Michiganders, we hope to see you here.

And convention voting is complete. The top 3 most popular reader requests are:



Midwest Furfest



We’re confirmed for MFF 2019, and have applied to Anthrocon as well. AC is juried by staff, so politely inform them of your desires, and we’ll be happy to see you there. (The application window for BLFC is closed, but we’ll apply for 2021.)


Now for your Vivid fix-

comic, romance, and horror:

‘Doom Approaches’ in this year’s Halloween Prelude special.

Another holiday means more trouble with Matthew and Vanessa. Who'd have guessed a half-angel accountant would encounter dilemmas dating a vampire? I also enjoy the hints regarding a past war in this one.

Vampire Holidays Chapter 3 of 5: Halloween is available now to those of determined mettle.

For those with Lovecraftian inclinations, Vivid offers you ‘Upon the Shadow of Nothing.’  The first story in the horror anthology by underwater-hamster genius, Alex Beyman.  I've never heard the supernatural presented in a such a chillingly believable metaphysical package. 

And more Halloween treasures continue to gather in the 14th annual Fanart contest- final days for submitting entries are upon us.

The cast and crew of Vivid is growing- and as as such, we have secret plans to launch a vehicle worthy of their creative contributions. This vehicle will have cannons- coming 2020.

But coming in 2 days, a spectacular animation premiere from the crowdfunding market! Catch our write-up about Hazbin Hotel and it’s implications in Bleeding Fool, and enjoy the show when it airs.

And of course, Patreon backers already know about the Dreamkeepers animation coming their way soon, as well as the latest story developments in Volume 5: Assassin’s Flaw.

Massive thanks to everyone investing to make these creations possible- we love it when you share, and we love to create for you!

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