New Releases for October!

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New Releases for October!

 Greetings readers! I released two books this month. Under the Gun Boxset and Anasa's Awakening.

All three books in the Immortals series are FREE with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. Here are the links to those three books!

Amazon Link to Demon and Immortality's

Amazon Link to Anasa's Awakening

I'll preview Anasa's Awakening and the UTG Boxset down below. 

This month's featured author is Karma Kingsley. She has a new book out that looks amazing. Check out the details below.

Moving In (Book 2 of the RoomMatch Series)

Blurb: Rye Winters lives life on his own terms. Even when his family disowned him for dropping out of medical school, he pushed forward for a career path that he loved. Nothing keeps Rye down...except that he’s gay and terrified to tell anyone. It’s the secret that haunts him, suffocating him to exhaustion. But it’s a secret he can’t trust with anyone. That is until Chase Evans. His RoomMatch pairing that changes his life and shows him just how gay he really is. 

Chase Evans by most standards is a failure. He’s a failure at writing, a failure at socializing and a failure at love. In hopes of changing his path, he packs his bags and leaves Lexington, Virginia behind. With the help of the RoomMatch App, he finds himself a cheap apartment in Harlem, New York and a charming roommate that helps him to come out of his shell and his comfort zone. But things get wonky when he finds out his roommate may be a little friendlier than he can handle. 

On Kindle Unlimited or Buy for $2.99

Contest for October!

Author Dale Lowry put together a giveaway for readers to get free books!

Click the banner to find authors old and new, including me for My Demon, My Vampire!

Also, I wrote a short story I feature on Wattpad. A reader asked me to write an intersex character and I crafted a short I'd like to share with you. NOTE: It wasn't professionally edited and its relatively short, but hey it's a free. Just my way of saying thanks to all my subscribers. Please do not share the story!

Click here to Download

That's it for this edition. Check out the newest books by BLMorticia, Under the Gun Boxset and Michael's Anasa's Awakening.

See you soon!

Anasa's Awakening

Anasa's Awakening is the third book in my Immortals Series by Michael Mandrake. All books are in Kindle Unlimited. Click the cover to find out more!

Free on KU or $2.99

Hardy and Day Under the Gun Boxset

Under the Gun is a short novella series featuring private investigators Camdyn Hardy and Malik Day. It is an interracial MM with laughs and hot romance. 

This set is all three books in the collection for one price!

It is on Amazon, B&N, KoBo, iBooks, and Google.

The cover is the Amazon link

The link to the other outlets is here. 

Buy for $4.99
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