If Santa didn't bring you a wonderfully festive yet hotter-than-sin romance, then don't panic - we've got your back. Wet for Christmas is exactly the story that will put you firmly on the naughty list. ;)

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Wet for Christmas: A Rockstar Romance

“Stay away from David Foster.”
Yeah, right.
The minute I saw him on stage, the heartbreaking fears my ex-fiancé left me with went right out of my head. David’s hips shimmied and my heart stammered.

How could anyone say no to that rock star god with a voice like an angel and moves like the devil?
I didn’t even try.
Anyway, it was just one night. One crazy, skin-tingling, earth-shattering night.
At least that’s what I thought. Then David showed up. Again.
He says he wants me, but I think he just wants to shed his bad boy image. His leather-clad looks go with the billionaire lifestyle, and I don’t think he’s about to change.
Not for me.
But it’s not just us now. There’s a family growing inside me, and I’m starting to think David deserves a chance.
I’ve never been lucky in love, but this time it looks like luck found me.


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