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Your Transport News. 27 September 2020
Edition #8

Dear TransportProfessional

Intelligent Transport Systems
How to demonstrate added value of innovation platforms

Sep 2020. A recent study, done as part of Finland's VTT’s Living Lab Bus -project, discusses the use of open innovation platforms to create more value in collaboration with multiple stakeholders using shared assets. The main purpose was to describe how different functions of innovation platform create added value in the context of Intelligent Transport Systems. Read more ...

Transport Data. Operations
A Day in the Data Life of Barcelona

Aug 2020. Cities are drowning in data—data from road sensors, fare collection systems, cameras, and buses to name just a few. Cities are making much of that data available through open data hubs to support open government initiatives but transforming that data from disparate information points and formats into a unified source of truth remains elusive for many cities. Read more ...

Road Safety. Future Vehicles.
E-scooters are making their way into the safety statistics

Sep 2020. In Sweden the number of crashes involving e-scooters has increased from a few in 2017 to almost 500 in 2019 (January – October). This was also when electric scooters really made their entrance into Sweden’s largest cities. Read more ...

Transport Planning
Let’s use the pandemic to expand our transport options

Apr 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to embrace the future of work-from-home and the greater adoption of walking and cycling. Personal mobility in the age of COVID-19 may never be quite the same again. The new normal of mobility, though, may represent a unique opportunity.  Read more...

Road Safety
Innovative solutions to improve level crossing safety

Sep 2020. The European project SAFER-LC identified innovative level crossing safety measures and piloted some of the most potential ones at eight pilot sites. The measures which were estimated to have the highest safety potential were ‘Additional lights on locomotive’ and ‘In-vehicle train and LC proximity warning’. Read more ...

Mobility. MAAS
Mobility bundling and cultural tribalism

Aug 2020. The jury is still out as to whether multi-modal services, and in the context of passenger transport through Mobility as a Service (MaaS), will be a game changer reducing car ownership and use or an interesting niche product for a limited population who can gain benefit from a one-stop approach to accessing mobility services. Read more ...

Transport Demand
Employees’ Preference for Working From Home

July 2020. L.E.K. Consulting conducted the fourth in a series of surveys asking whether workers new to working from home would like to continue the arrangement or return to their prior workplace after the pandemic has eased. For the first time, these results have stabilised following three months of growth. Read more ...

Public Transport
Why are younger adults more likely to use public transport?

Sep 2020. Young adults are much more likely to use public transport (PT) than older adults. Is it because younger adults are more likely to live and/or work near the city centre? Is it because they are more likely to live near train stations? Is it because they are less likely to own a car? Or is it a generational thing? Read more ...

Public Transport
Public Transit and COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Research and Best Practices

Sept 2020. This APTA report is based on a comprehensive review of United States and global research regarding COVID-19 transmission and public transit, interviews with public health experts, and new analysis of various data sources. Read more ...

Mobility. Future vehicles
How micromobility has transformed the transportation industry

Aug 2020. Micromobility is a new and emerging issue that merits your attention as people who use this mode have a right to the road. But just like other modes of transportation, micromobility is not without its challenges. Read more ...

Road safety
Best Practice for Urban Road Safety

Sep 2020. Best Practice for Urban Road Safety: Case Studies, released by the International Transport Forum.  Read more ...

Transport Planning
The Contribution of Road Transport to Sustainability and Economic Development

Sep 2020. Road transport and road infrastructures are keys to the evolution and prosperity of modern society. Connecting people and places, goods and services in safe, efficient and sustainable way is essential for creating and maintaining sustainable and inclusive growth across society and the economy. Read more ...

Estimating the Costs of New Mobility Travel Options: Monetary and Non-Monetary Factors

Aug 2020. UC Davis researchers have developed a cost model of travel choices that individuals make related to urban vehicle travel. These choices can include deciding to own, ride in, and drive a private vehicle or use pooled or solo ridesourcing (e.g., Uber).  Read more ...

Future Vehicles
ITSA. The State of Future Vehicles and Technology

Webinar 29 Sep 2020. Australian and New Zealand vehicle fleets may be entering a period of significant change due to the emergence of Automated, Connected and Electric Vehicles as well as new models of vehicle ownership and use, such as ride-sharing services. Forecasts about the penetration of these technologies and systems are important tools for governments and industry to prepare for the future. Read more ...

Phil Charles, Transport Futures Institute

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