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It's Day 15 of the Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp!

Today we head into your third week of the Tummy ATTACK with a brand new exercise program to follow all with new videos! If you have enjoyed the last two weeks, then you are going to LOVE these! Have fun and lean up!

Read on to find out what you need to do today, your Tummy ATTACK recipe of the day, your GUT Health article and your Tummy ATTACK tip of the day!

Here's your Day 15 audio, CLICK HERE to listen - it's 12 minutes long.

Janey x

Don't forget, all of your content is available on the Tummy ATTACK password protected pages.

CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Welcome page (password: TA)
CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Week 3 page which contains your Day 15 videos (password: TA)

What you need to do today...

We have Six Pack ATTACK 3 for you today, alternating cardio and V-sits.

Enjoy - and share your pain and progress on the Facebook group, woo hoo!

Your Tummy ATTACK Daily Article!

Some more info on Apple Cider Vinegar for you!

to read a fab article called "Why apple cider vinegar will revolutionise your health!

Your Tummy ATTACK Recipe of the Day!

Need some healthy packed lunch ideas? Check out this AMAZING feature I found with 50 healthy lunch ideas!

Most are TA friendly (adapt slightly if they aren't) - I love the Quinoa salad jars and these avocado shells! 

Click here for the full list...

Your Tummy ATTACK Tip of the Day!

Create a habit and stick to it!

On my BEST mindset program, I introduce my clients to something called "The Seinfield Strategy".

It's a habit-inspiration concept about doing something EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter what, that takes you towards your goal. The idea being if you do it everyday, even if it's simple and doesn't take long, you're continuing to make better long-lasting habits!

It is such an amazing article (and concept!)

CLICK HERE to read in full... I go through some of it (and how to adapt it to you and your goals) on today's audio! This week is all about routine and consistency and this is a great angle!

Tummy picture inspiration!

It's never too late to create a fit body!

Meet Janet Spreifer! She's 54 and living her fitness (and life!) dream...

More tummy picture inspiration!

And Elisabeth Halfpapp, aged 52 and co-creater of Core Fusion...

These images are taken from an incredible article about inspirational, fit, 'slightly older' women, read the full article HERE

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