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Dear GLL members and friends, 

We are proud to announce a new initiative to be launched during the upcoming GLL Gathering on September 10. Led by GLL board member and Patron Vladas Lašas, GLL is kick-starting the EdTech Lithuania Forum in cooperation with Lithuanian start-ups BitDegree (led by Danielius Stasiulis) and Bit&Bite (led by Monika Katkute-Gelzine). The goal of this initiative is to push a breakthrough in the Lithuanian education system with the help of technologies. Inspired by the success of FinTech Lithuania, which brought our country to the #1 position in Europe, the initiative group believes Lithuania can also become a country with the most significant turnaround in Europe in the field of education.

A sophisticated and challenging goal as it is, we will need all the help, competences, and connections from our extensive global network of professionals abroad. 

Can you advise how to create a country open to EdTechs, how to leverage technology and education, and reorganize existing education processes with technology? Do you have extensive knowledge of blended learning? Or maybe you know somebody who does? We would very much appreciate your recommendations! Drop us a line at reserve@lithuanianleaders.org, and we will get in touch with you right away. 

Otherwise, mark September 10 in your calendar as we are compiling the event program and speaker list. According to current quarantine restrictions, there will be opportunities for everybody to join online as well as participate in-person, with priority sports reserved to GLL Supporting Members.  

Faithfully yours, 
 GLL Team   

Parliament Elections
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It is the first time in modern history that the Lithuanian diaspora will vote for their dedicated Member in the upcoming  Parliament Elections on October 11, 2020! GLL, in cooperation with Voting Activation Initiative DABAR and Lithuanian World Community, joins the campaign for the effective representation of global Lithuanians in the elections. The diagram above shows the total number of only 5.500 currently registered voters abroad, and the fact that the USA and Norway have material numbers of Lithuanian diaspora proves we have tremendous work to do. Register to vote NOW>>

Watch First Debates

Club of Lithuanian professionals in London LCLC - Lithuanian City of London Club organised the first debates of the candidates for active global community to take a closer look and challenge future representatives. Watch the debate here>>

Currently, these are the candidates in Global Lithuanian County: Aušrinė Armonaitė (Laisvės partija), Dalia Asanavičiūtė (Tėvynės Sąjunga – Lietuvos Krikščionys Demokratai), Andrius Bagdonas (Liberalų Sąjūdis), Gintautas Babravičius (Laisvės ir Teisingumo partija), Linas Jonauskas (Lietuvos socialdemokratų partija (LSDP)), Linas Linkevičius (Lietuvos socialdemokratų darbo partija (LSDDP), Rūta Miliūtė (Lietuvos valstiečių ir žaliųjų sąjunga).

    LT Big Brother
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    New Organising Committee

    The exceptionally successful season of LT Big Brother brought to the organizing committee new fresh and creative energy.

    Agnė Ramanauskaitė just came back from the UK and will take the lead of the program from Julius Šinkūnas. Neringa Kavaliauskaitė (the Netherlands) will take over Regional Coordination from Rūta Vitaitė. Eglė Pugačiauskaitė (UK) will lead a Year+ project to foresee the next steps of the program's global development. Read more about the new team here>>

    The first goal of a new organizing committee is to set a clear and comprehensive structure of the program's governance as well as draw the program's vision for the next years to come.

    First Live Networking!

    On ThursdayAugust 6, we invite global professionals, LT Big Brother mentors and mentees, back in Vilnius for vacation, workation, or for good, for our traditional Back to Vilnius Networking and Summer Grill.

    Jonas Ramanauskas, a leading chef behind KITCHEN ME, will take us to a grill journey. Our friends at Wolfs Garage will be mixing drinks as well as new beats for a friendly groovy cozy vibe.  Let's meet to say hi, reconnect, share updates, and make new global friends! Registration required.

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    GLL Talent Reach
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    Chief Financial Officer | GIRTEKA

    Girteka Logistics is a leading FTL company in Europe with exponential growth. They own a success story from 1 truck to 7400 trucks till today. They are the leaders' team with strong performance DNA. Though the Sky is high, they reach it nonetheless. Join this team to create the Girteka Logistics' success legend together.

    Girteka is currently looking for CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (CFO) for Girteka Logistics Transportation Business, dedicated to managing financial/economic affairs. They will welcome a person who is ambitious, loves finance, and simultaneously maintains a deep concentration on business, and we truly appreciate a hands-on approach. READ MORE >> 

    New Openings at VINTED

    Vinted began in 2008 as a passion project of two young talents. The simple idea behind the startup – reselling clothes you don’t wear anymore – was inspiring enough to unite a community that has since grown to 30 million large spread over 12 countries. Vinted has grown as a team as well, from 2 people to 450 world-class professionals based in Vilnius, Berlin, Warsaw, and Prague. They aim high daily because they have to – their mission is to make second-hand first-choice worldwide, and that’s an ambitious goal to have.
    Today, the growth continues. Would you care to join the team behind Europe’s largest C2C online marketplace? Vinted is looking for talents ranging from Backend Engineers to Key Account Manager and Recruiters, among others. Become a part of Vinted – click here to learn more>>

    Supervisory Board Members | IGNITIS

    Led by long term GLL supporter Darius Daubaras, the Supervisory Board of state-owned international energy company Ignitis Group is currently looking for two additional independent members. Apply until Aug 18 to contribute to Ignitis's commitment to the decarbonization of the energy sector. Learn more>> 

    GLL Think and Do
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    Security Task Force | Key Take-outs

    GLL project GLL Think & Do Tank was initiated under the puzzling circumstances of quarantine. The topic of security on all levels got immediate attention from the experts as well as the audience. The established GLL task force developed a few optional scenarios in the fields of external and internal security (led by Eglė Murauskaitė)

    economy  (led by Jūratė Birbilaitė), and forthcoming elections (led by Dominykas Milašius), mainly to draw public attention and empower people and institutions to make sensible and grounded decisions for their lives. Watch the experts' discussion to learn more >>> 

    Clubs of Professionals
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    Italian pro club kick off

    As the year progresses, so is the community of Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad. July witnessed the first meeting of Lithuanian professionals driven by the idea to establish an Italy-wide club of people motivated and eager to learn, to share, and to keep professional ties with Lithuania and Lithuanians worldwide. The number of smiles and positive feedback has never been shinier. Read more>>

    GLL Supporting Members
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    Stan Kuliavas | Canada

    STAN KULIAVAS has been a strong supporter of GLL mission since its early days. He was among the first to join the GLL Business Advisors program and consult Lithuanian companies interested in Canadian business peculiarities. He brought together Lithuanians of Toronto area into the club of Lithuanian Professionals in Canada, the earliest one in North America.
    An exceptionally successful businessman in private aviation as he is, he has always found time for connection of global Lithuanians for meaningful projects as well as support to Lithuanian organizations building these connections. Read more about Stan here>> or watch his latest insights on the aviation industry dealing with pandemics here>>.

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    Lithuanian ambassador
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    If you feel like you are a true Lithuanian ambassador in your heart and everyday life, add a unique sticker to your Facebook profile to claim your status to the world. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Lithuania's Independence, national broadcaster LRT launched the LRT LITUANICA platform devoted to Lithuanian diaspora matters. They invite you to join their symbolic campaign, "I am Lithuanian ambassador", to raise awareness.   

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