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We had an issue with our welcome email for new members yesterday that it ended up being sent to a large number of our subscribers. If you received that, sorry for the confusion.

🤝 Invite link

We now have an invite link you can share with others who you think would like to join the community. This gives them instant access.

Here is the link 👉

🗣 Our next AMA

Join us this Thursday 5th March at 13:30 EST in the #ama channel in the NCF Slack for an AMA with Arun Saigal, CEO of Thunkable

Thunkable CEO
Arun Saigal
Mar 05, 2020
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⚡️ Startups
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🚀 Revetize How Jordan Richardson built a business marketing platform with Bubble Link

🏆 Top resources
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Translation UI kit for Webflow - by Weglot Link

Free sign up form generator - by Ui bakery Link

Free premium illustrations - by Link

Video screencast walking through a common problem in MemberStack - by Christ Drit Link

🚀 Community launches
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📨 ThanksForSubscribing List of interesting newsletters that are available in English or Dutch

🤔 Questions
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"Anyone have examples of really outstanding public Notion documents that make full use of the power of the tool?" Link

"Has anyone tried> and integrated with Webflow? If so, what did you like what do you not like?" Link

"Hi friends which platform do you use for testing?" Link

"Has anyone ever worked with Betty Blocks?" Link

"I wrote a post on IH explaining how I validate my no-code products and how I get beta-customers for them (all in less than 2.5 minutes)." Link

"I'll be interviewing folks and present their case studies of how nocode is transforming digital marketing. Could you recommend interesting implementations?" Link

"Looking for a simple referral system to grow a email list" Link

"Hey Founders! Does anyone have a list of top 10 most used no-code tools for building websites? Or anyone can share a blog post regarding this topic?" Link

"Anyone here who has implemented a referral system in bubble? I've managed to build something which can check if the entry is empty or not but I am stuck at checking the validity of the code." Link

"Hi guys! Hay anyone displayed data from an Airtable base directly on a Bubble repeating group? Is this possible? Ip until now I’ve been zapping data to Bubble using Zapier." Link

"Considering buying a premium bootstrap4 theme but wondering what thoughts there are here." Link

🙏 Feedback requests
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"We’ve built an app for all the Bubble Community to propose, review and vote for the next best features Bubble team should build - a Bubble Wishlist!" Link

🤝 Opportunities

"I am recruiting 5 talented, creative, mobile-fluent, early adopters to help me launch a pilot of our "Draftbit Experts" program." Link

And that's all for now. Catch you in Slack 👋

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