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Dear Friends and Supporters, we are excited to bring you several pieces of good news this month: great result of the "Feed the Pangolins" campaign, update on our Nature Education program, we started two new studies, and more!

'Feed The Pangolins' campaign

On February the 17th we celebrated World Pangolin Day and in light of this special day for pangolins, we asked all pangolin enthusiasts to show their love for pangolins by joining our ‘Feed the Pangolins’ campaign! And sure they did!

We are happy to announce that we raised $3720 USD! Thank you all for your ongoing support and helping us to feed the critically endangered pangolins that we save from the illegal wildlife trade!

Valuing Nature in Childhood Program - A halfway through

With the aim to rekindle the love between nature and children, the program was designed to balance between Cognitive (knowledge & understanding), Affective (feelings and opinions) and Active (actions and changes in behaviour). Therefore, children not only have time to learn and play in nature, but also have opportunities to be creative with our education materials. By bringing these materials back home and interacting with families and friends, the children will help to spread the words for the programs to the public.

Additionally, the second season of the program has been successfully reached the halfway point with 1207 children and 190 teachers visiting, through 47 trips from 15 kindergartens.

Monitor released pangolins with radio-tracking

It is great news that the transmitters and all radio-tracking equipment are arrived, after spending a long time to work with radio-tracking companies to design the special type of transmitters for Sunda Pangolins. Both models of transmitters using GPS and/or VHF were brought to SVW. However, the VHF transmitter is only 8-9g which is smallest type of transmitter for pangolins, but the GPS mode is much bigger and heavier with around 40g. Our 3 field researchers are currently doing habitat assessment of release sites, while our vet team is working on health assessment to ensure the pangolins are healthy and free of diseases before we release.

Sunda pangolin with transmitter
(previous study)

The new transmitters!

Behaviour Change Workshop

From 11 February to 14 February, 2018, three staff of SVW attended a three-day workshop in Jakarta on “how to effectively create behaviour change” to address sustainability, wildlife issues and climate change. Our staff had opportunity to learn from Mr. Steve Martin, co-author of several highly influential books on persuasion psychology including "The small BIG: Small Changes that Spark Big Influence" and a visiting lecturer at the London Business School at Oxford University. We learnt the principles of ethical influence and the issues of past
campaigns on wildlife demand reduction.

SVW recognized that creating effective behaviour change campaigns are very important. It is essential step for us when SVW will work together with University of Oxford to implement the project “Exploring the effective use of celebrities in wildlife demand reduction: changing perceptions of pangolins in Vietnam”.

Site protection – Working with communities

Our Outreach team are carrying a new social research to understand the local communities around one of the largest national park in Vietnam. The 8 researchers will interview all poachers and community-gate keepers at over 100 villages around the national park, as well as the general communities’ people at the villages. The study aims to understand what motivates people to hunt wildlife. They will work on inspiring and to engaging local communities surrounding our stronghold to protect wildlife and reduce their impact on wildlife populations. All researchers were trained to ensure the same methodology and understanding the questions and recording data. In the last two weeks, 250 local people were interviewed.

We are looking for new staff!

We are looking for new Vietnamese Field staff in Pu Mat National Park.
More info here! Closing date: 31 March 2018

We have a position available for a Vietnamese Communications and Social Media Intern to join our team in Cuc Phuong National Park.
More info here! Closing date: 20 March 2018


Thank you!

For reading our newsletter and for supporting us
on every single project, rescue or release.

See you next month!


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