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As we countdown to the holidays I'm guessing you may be under the pump so here's a quick rundown of what's coming up in the Barbarella LOVE galaxy ... join me for some Barbarella FUN, SCHMOOZE or a BOOGIE!

NOV 27 - Bx CBD Breakfast
NOV 28 - Bx Manly Breakfast - Barbarella presents on HOW TO GLUE CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BRAND sharing key insights learnt during a decade spent at RedBalloon & Starlight Children's Foundation - 2 of Australia's Best Employers
NOV 28 - Bx Bondi Breakfast

NOV 29  Art from the Heart at Heart Cafe
NOV 30 - Fluoro Friday South Bondi (every Friday at over 100 locations around the world!)
DEC 1 - Bucket List Bondi Summer Day 1 Celebration 
DEC 4 - Bondi Chamber Christmas Party
DEC 5 - Consulting Australia - Improve your Game

DEC 17 - Bondi Innovation Alliance Christmas Party (please get in touch ASAP if you're keen to assist at the door on the night with Barbarella or if you'd like to know more about sponsorship opportunities).

Check out Barbarella's case studies to how her recipe of LOVE & BLING creates great success for her clients!
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