Spring 2021
Enterprise Version
“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.”
~ Benjamin Franklin
Inventory & Stock Keeping
Sellers can now improve operations efficiency by adding item barcodes to putaway using an import feature in bulk rather than scanning each barcode item separately
Sellers can now use GRN tolerance and return tolerance respectively for rejecting items that are near expiry during GRN and while processing customer returns in batching enabled facilities
The sellers will now be able to switch off putaway recommendations. The shelves have to be entered manually to complete putaway. This would be helpful to sellers who manually decide the shelves on which items are to be kept
The sellers can now mark a section for good or bad inventory type. If the inventory type of a section is chosen as 'good inventory' then bad items can't be added to any shelf of this section during putaway and vice versa. This would help sellers in good and bad inventory segregation during putaway
To enable sellers to solve the teething problems in the adoption of omnichannel selling, sellers can access an HQ report to analyze the rejection reasons by various stores, thereby enabling them to identify the inactive or defaulter store managers
Order Management
Users can now carry out Image-based QC for bundles in the bundling workflow while receiving invoicing picklist
Sellers can now easily maintain discount percentages for different customers and use the same during sale order creation, reducing manual dependency
Sales Management
To optimize the order routing to best fit store, sellers can now use the upgraded facility allocation logic which considers the open sale orders, and inventory pending putaway, among others to calculate the fulfillable inventory in a facility
Users can now easily attach supporting documents to their sale orders using an API
Sellers will now be able to see reports of all the errors encountered during cycle count, helping them to conduct critical ex post facto analysis

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