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Lucy's Personal Update:
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Greetings everyone! This week has been so hectic for me as wedding planning is well underway again, the week just flew by! (I usually try to share my newsletters on Thursdays but I'm running a bit behind today!)

Is anyone else feeling a bit strange lately? I am feeling the shift as many kids are starting to go back to school and adults are returning to work, and it feels almost normal but still there's a shared tension by everyone that is a constant reminder that things are not normal at all.

In any case, on a professional level I have two announcements to make regarding Patreon.

The first is that I will be retiring the $1/month tier pretty soon (Patreon has been messaging me frequently about how it's really not a great option) so if you want to vote on corsets that I buy and review, and see how I reinvest that back into my business, this may be one of your last chances to join at this level!

The second announcement is that Patreon rolled out annual memberships (this is completely optional!) so you can pay once for the whole year and not have to worry about monthly recurring payments.

To sweeten this offer I've added two incentives:

  1. I am offering 10% off annual memberships for a limited time, so if you are normally a $10/month patron, this means you only have to pay $108 for the whole year instead of $120! This means a bit over 1 month free every year.
  2. My private Facebook group is normally reserved for patrons at the $15/month tier, but anyone who signs up for an annual membership at the $10+ tier will get an instant invitation to my Facebook group. We're a small and quiet group but it's a place where you can ask me questions about product development or my opinions on the quality of different corsets, and I share pics and random thoughts there that are probably too short to share as an official article on Patreon.
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New Video this week:

Mystic City MCC6 sports mesh cincher

It's been 5 years since my last Mystic City Corsets review, and a lot has changed in their patterning, materials and construction methods. There are some hardcore MCC fans, so I was excited to try this style! In this video I discuss what I was impressed with and not-so-impressed with.

Click here to watch!

Newly Updated Ebay Corset Finds Page

Ebay Corset Finds page has been updated with newly listed corsets, and relisted corsets at lower prices!

Updates of note:

  • Newly listed Orchid Corsetry UK silk and mesh cincher in size 20" (shown here): PRICED REDUCED by an additional $20
  • Purple motif-matched custom corset now $99 (reduced from $140)
  • Dark Garden overbust now 25% OFF until August 31st!
  • NEWLY LISTED: Brand New (deadstock) Secrets in Lace corsets (sizes 22 through 30)
Click to see all of Lucy's Ebay finds
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