I have exciting news! 

I'm releasing Forbidden Ex-Husband early! It's available now on some eTailers already :) 

An emotional, scorching hot second chance romance…

Alora Wyatt’s world has turned upside down. A rampant pandemic caused a mandatory quarantine, and she has to find a way to work from home and take care of her five-year-old son. To make things worse, in-person school is off, and she doesn’t have any local support system. When Luke’s dad barges in and summons them to join him for the next two weeks at his ranch, she’s conflicted. He’s also her hot ex-husband, the man she still loves but can’t have.

Bronson Tanner knows in his heart he’ll never love a woman like he does Alora. He’s tried to move on, and even found a girlfriend. But divorce papers didn’t change the way his heart feels for his ex-wife. He lost her once, after an attack from a disgruntled employee overwhelmed her, shutting her down. Now, he’ll get a chance to use the next two weeks to show her how right they are for each other—even if he has to use every sexy trick in the book…

I have to say... Forbidden Ex-Husband has become of one of my favorite books in the series for me. I know I'm biased, lol. But honestly... Bronson, the hero, is so swoony and he loves Alora so much--the kind of love many of us want to experience. I hope you enjoy it too--and if you do, please leave a review as this is the first time I've done a surprise release like this without pre-order or any announcement :) 

Hope you're well and happy. Now go grab this nugget of joy! :D 




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