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How's your Winter Shaping Up?

The wind is howling outside and it's a gray day, but that's okay. I've got stuff to do...namely sit at this car dealership while my tires get rotated and my oil changed, and drink the free coffee while I block out a passive-aggressive phone call with headphones and write my newsletter :D

A PsyCop progress report: The story is shaping up to be everything I hoped it would be and more, with some unexpected revelations, quirky side characters, and a persistent foul odor that crops up when Vic least expects it. Murder House will be ready for you early in 2019. When I've got my release date finalized, I'll make a preorder available and eagerly announce the date. 

In other good news, I did an analysis of my writing productivity—with spreadsheets and everything—and going forward, I should be on track to start putting out two PsyCops a year.

Best Gay Erotica Vol. 4

I'm absolutely chuffed to be a contributing author to this year's Best Gay Erotica 4 by Cleis Press. And, bonus, my dear friend Clare London also has a story in the anthology--and both of them are delightfully edgy. My story is an exclusive deleted steamy scene from Hemovore that can be enjoyed even if you haven't read the full novel.

BGE4 on Amazon

I'd Love Your Vote

Are you a member of the MM Romance Goodreads group? If so, I'd absolutely love your vote in their annual Members' Choice Awards. I (or my stories or my narrators) have been nominated in a huge number of categories, which is an honor all by itself.

This group is over 20,000 members strong, and winning in any category would be a really big deal.

To vote, you must be a member of the group and logged in.

All Time Favorite Author - Jordan Castillo Price (If you only have time to click on one thing, this would be the category that would make me totally lose it and ugly-cry if I were to win.)

All Time Favorite Narrator - Gomez Pugh, the voice of Vic! 

Best Audiobook Narration for the Year - Gomez Pugh for Agent Bayne

All Time Favorite Series - PsyCop

Best Anthology - Devil Take Me

Best Book of the Year - Agent Bayne

Best Established Couple - Vic and Jacob

Best Main Character - Victor Bayne in Agent Bayne

Best Paranormal - Agent Bayne

Best Sci-fi/Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic/Steampunk - Imperfect Match


Other Projects

My Skritch Gear Facebook page highlights new T-shirts and mugs I've designed. If you're interested, please like the page! Facebook is pretty adamant about hiding my posts, but they reach a lot more people when you like, comment on, or share them. Visit the Page

Etsy Store - I've got a few cute mugs for sale on Etsy. Have a look! The mugs are produced and shipped from either the US or Europe, depending on where the order originates. (I'm not 100% sure these would make it to you by Christmas between the production time and the shipping.) Visit the Store

Non-Fiction - I love dreaming. Maybe you like dreaming, too. And maybe you'd like somewhere to jot them down. Build Your Dream Journal Habit combines a simplified dream journal with a weekly planner. I've got mine and I can't wait for January to roll around so I can start writing in it! (This one should still come in time for a last-minute Christmas gift.) Learn More

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